No Such Thing as an Aspiring Writer

aspriting writer

By TRICHA SAINTIL / Staff Writer

Chefs cook, dancer’s dance and paper towel sniffers sniff; yes, this is an actual job Google it. What all of these jobs have in common is that they require little to no professional training, although some type of formal education wouldn’t hurt because good any good professional simply practices their craft. The point is all of these professionals don’t just say what it is they want to do; they just do, as writers must write. I don’t believe in the phrase aspiring writer, either you are or your not.

Too many people spend too much time on the precipice of their dreams, afraid to take the leap because of fear of failure, rejection, or the unfamiliar. Just jump already and you might be surprised where you land.

The question is how do you start to write? Easy, go write. Writing does not require a PhD or expensive equipment like a MacBook. All it requires is a pencil and a paper to start hammering out the words, and as long as you have an eraser, it is all right if your first attempt sucks. It may not be Booker Prize worthy but hey, that didn’t stop Stephanie Meyer from ranking in millions with her book, Twilight.

So start off by writing crappy first drafts. To become a better writer you need deliberate practice. You need to generate a lot of words, revise, and fine-tune your work by stepping up the quality of your content and fully engaging your brain when writing. Introduce new analogies. Tell different stories. Try another angle or structure. Start a blog. Take your time to experiment – take your time to hone your craft.

I like to sit down and start to write whatever comes into my head. This helps me to get into the mood. Another way to achieve this is to read a little from a favorite author. For example, if I were working on a noir piece, then I would look to Dennis Lehane or Angela Carter. If I were aiming to write in a more poetic prose then Toni Morrison or D.H. Lawrence usually does the trick and George Orwell’s satire is still going strong till this day. His book, 1984, is still a must read in 2017 especially given this political climate. A great author can inspire your creativity.

It is also helpful to pick a time or a place where your creativity is at its best. Earnest Hemingway wrote every morning while Maya Angelou kept a hotel room in her hometown whenever she wanted to write. My creativity peaks in the early evening after most of my day has concluded. If I get writers block, then I take out my IPod and start playing the most ratchet of music to get my blood pumping, and dance around like Drake in his “Hotline Bling” music video. At this point, I would like make a shout out to Rae Sremmurd for getting me through this article.

Whatever your means whether it’s emulating your favorite author, finding the right space and time, listening to music or dancing around your room like a cornball, writing takes practice, patience and perseverance. If you act, you’re an actor; if you’re building a business, you’re an entrepreneur; and if you write, you’re a writer. The ‘aspiring’ is just an excuse.


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