Drunken Writer Series, Volume 2: The Poem

Prompt: Imagine a world in which poetry is banned. You wrote the poem that got it all banned. Write that poem.

Forty-Five Shades of Red


An ocean away. A continent away. A world away. Sad.
Nobody misses you as much as I can. Nobody.
I lay wide awake at night, next to a woman I despise,
Knowing she’s not you, just a mere disguise.

The life you’ve given me, loved by everyone, a world to shape to my will.
A debt I could never hope to repay with anything but my undying love.
But being the greatest ever and saving my home matters not to me,
When I would trade it all in a heartbeat to feel your touch again.

The gentle caress of your hand as you trace the freckles of my back
Your raw strength as you pull me close to you. Over and over.
Fitting together like those plastic bricks made by those foreigners.
A snug fit, but made to connect.

Striking down my enemies in a pen stroke gives me unbridled joy,
But pales in comparison to the rush of air returning to my lungs after you release
The bruising on my throat a proud badge of honor, a symbol of your love
We blow that movie with the guy in the smaller sex dungeon tower than mine away

The Batman to my Robin. My hero, my rock, my fortress. I long for you.
The world is ours, but you’re my world. My moon, my stars.

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