Superbowl Commercials: Best and Worst

By CARRIE PINKARD / Contributing Writer

Superbowl 2017 has come and gone and it’s time for us, as a nation to reflect on what really mattered: the commercials. The Superbowl is the one day a year where Americans eagerly watch commercials, and these advertisements can reach the approximately 115 million viewers of the Superbowl, plus whatever Youtube and other post-Superbowl traffic they pull in.

The tone of the commercials this year was a little different than usual. While there was the standard montage of beer, car, and pizza commercials, there were also several companies who put out adds with distinctly political undertones. These adds put out by Audi, Coca-Cola, Air bnb among others encouraged acceptance and showed support for both gender equality and immigration.

Most of the advertisements this year, however, were not political in the slightest. They ranged from sexy Mr. Clean to BDSM filled T-Mobile. There were a few great commercials and many awful ones. Without further ado, here are the Superlatives for the 2017 Superbowl ads.

Most heart warming:

Coca-Cola produced something really beautiful and heart- warmingly inclusive with this commercial. It shows people of all different races coming together while drinking their signature soda pop product. Sugary sweet.

Most effective advertising:

The fact that Donald Trump’s hair looks like an elderly disheveled mongoose is a bipartisan truth. This is a hair product commercial that slams Donald Trump’s hair while encouraging Americans to take charge of their own locks. It’s humorous and eye catching with the slightest political jab that will surely get people buying “It’s a 10” products.


Best beer commercial:

A commercial of the cofounder of Budweiser’s journey from Germany to America. This commercial comments on the importance of sensible immigration laws and shows the capabilities immigrants have to make a positive impact in America. After all, where would we be without Budweiser beer? Or Busch Gardens for that matter? (And yes, the same people run them)


Best Car Commercial:

One of my favorite car commercials ever. Honda uses celebrities’ yearbook photos from before they were famous to remind us of the importance of chasing our dreams. Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, and Steve Carrel remind us that big success is often born from humble beginnings. The commercial is so good that you almost forget you learned absolutely nothing about the actual Honda HRC and want to buy it anyway.

Most Cringe Worthy:

T-Mobile came out with a series of commercials with the slogan “wireless pain is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing”. This commercial looks like a prequel to 50 Shades of Gray in which the girl realized she’s into punishment one day when she’s on the phone with her cellphone provider. Later, she meets Christian Gray and the first book begins. Definitely cringeworthy, but a bold campaign strategy indeed.


Most ‘Merican:

Another Busch beer is the winner of the Most ‘Merican. You’ve got a dude in a flannel pulling a six pack of beer out of a stream with an eagle perched casually above his head. It doesn’t get more ‘Merican than that.


Most Likely to Become a Meme:

This kangaroo is just begging to be memefied. “Wanna pet my roo?”

Best Movie Trailer:

Best trailer goes to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. In case you missed the first one; Chris Pratt, an adorable tree, and a raccoon fight intergalactic crime. Stay tuned for part two premiering May 5, 2017.

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