19-year Old Convicted for Stabbing Tallahassee Woman in London


Last August, Darlene Horton, the wife of FSU Professor Richard Wagner, was stabbed to death in London the day before the couple’s intended return to the United States.Wagner spent the summer teaching at the FSU London study center. Today nineteen year old Zakaria Bulhan has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Without any warning Bulhan stabbed six people on the streets of London last year resulting in Horton’s death and five others being severely wounded. The Crown Protection Service released a statement about the incident, “We have considered expert evidence from both prosecution and defense psychiatrists who have concluded that Bulhan was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and experiencing a psychotic episode at the time. For that reason, we have agreed to accept Bulhan’s guilty plea to manslaughter based on his diminished responsibility.” He reportedly told the police at the scene that the devil made him kill. He was originally charged with one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. Bulhan is from Norway with Somali heritage yet this attack does not appear to be linked to terrorism in any way. His sentencing hearing will begin Monday. This is yet another case of violence linked to untreated mental illness reminding everyone how important it is to get help and recognize when others around you need help as well. Thoughts and prayers are with the affected members of our FSU family.

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