Tallahassee Protesters to March against Trump’s Muslim Ban


A march against President Trump’s Muslim Ban is scheduled to take place this Saturday, February 4th at 12:30pm. The Students for Justice in Palestine is sponsoring the event along with eleven FSU organization co-sponsoring.

The executive order temporarily bans over 218 people, including refugees from the Muslim-majority countries of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan, from entering the Unites States.

A federal judge’s emergency order has temporarily barred the U.S. from deporting people from those countries.

Goals of the march include five demands according to The Students for Justice Facebook post. The First demand orders Florida to resist the Muslim ban, the border wall and the detainment and/or deportation of person’s affected by the ban; Second, the United States acknowledgement that it is the cause for the refugee crisis in the Middle East; Third, to make FSU a sanctuary campus; Fourth, FSU President John Thrasher must address the issues that the Muslim community faces and work against the oppression; and Lastly, the organization asks FSU to divest from entities that may profit from the situation in the Middle East.

Participants will meet at the Oglesby Union at FSU’s free speech zone where the march is scheduled to being at 1:30 p.m.

For media outreach or inquiries pertaining to rally logistics or partnership, please contact Students for Justice in Palestine at 9043146000 or email sjptallahassee@gmail.com.

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