Trump’s Nominee for Supreme Court



President Trump has just announced his pick for the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the late Antonin Scalia and his name is Judge Neil Gorsuch from Denver, Colorado. This is not something to be taken lightly because those appointed as Supreme Court Justices serve for life and their decisions can impact American law for centuries. Gorsuch is just 49 years old making him the youngest nominee in twenty-five years, possibly allowing him to influence decisions for upwards of twenty or thirty years.

Gorsuch is no stranger to Washington having served in George W. Bush’s Department of Justice and his mother even was the head of the EPA during Reagan’s administration.  Many of Gorsuch’s legal tendencies reflect those of his predecessor, Scalia, including his interpretation of the Constitution and views on criminal law. Although he is conservative, his presence on the bench is likely to just bring back the balance with a slight conservative edge that existed during Scalia’s service. Gorsuch is known for standing up for religious freedom and writing against birth control and euthanasia. Trump praised Gorsuch claiming that he has “outstanding legal skills, a brilliant mind, tremendous discipline and has earned bipartisan support.”

Although Republicans are celebrating his nomination the same cannot be said for Democrats. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke out against his nomination exclaiming that “[he] has proven to have a judicial philosophy outside of the mainstream and time and again has subjugated individual rights to those of corporations.” Some democrats are still upset that the seat was not filled with Obama’s nominee Judge Merrick Garland and are vowing to stop any Republican nominee. Gorsuch is Ivy League educated and experienced, making him a more suitable nominee than many of President Trump’s cabinet choices. Now it is just time to wait and see if his nomination is confirmed.

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