Christopher Von Keyserling: The Fight for Political Correctness

By CARRIE PINKARD / Contributing Writer

You’ve heard of Van Helsing, the famous slayer of vampires? Well now we have Von Keyserling, slayer of “political correctness” and women’s genitalia.

“I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct”, said 71 year old Republican Christopher Von Keyserling to a woman just minutes before entering her office and grabbing her groin. The incident occurred on December 8th in Greenwich, Connecticut. Von Keyesrling and a 58 year old government employee allegedly got into a small argument, after which Von Keyserling came into her office and sexually assaulted her. He told the rest of the office that the “pinch” to the woman’s groin was a playful “joke”. He felt like he was entitled to grab her because he no longer has to be politically correct.

Ever since Donald Trump started his campaign in 2015, conservative Americans have been obsessed with “ending political correctness”, equating political correctness to being the biggest plague in American society. Let’s examine what the term “politically correct” really means for a moment. Synonyms for political correctness include; “unbiased”, “neutral”, and “appropriate”.  The antonym for political correctness is: offensive. So, according to conservative America, and our newly elected president, the biggest plague in this country is people being TOO unbiased, neutral, and appropriate. Essentially, Donald Trump and his cronies want an America that “doesn’t care so much about being politically correct”. In other words, an America that doesn’t care so much about being offensive.

Unfortunately, the people who are typically hurt by a lack of political correctness are not billionaire white businessmen. Instead they are minorities, people in the LGBT community, and as highlighted in this case: women.

We as a nation heard a man brag about sexually assaulting women in his own words. And we as a nation still elected him to be our president. The consequences of this decision are yet to be seen in their fullest form. However, if you think electing a man to the highest position in the world who speaks about women as if they’re objects won’t have an effect on the way women are treated in this country, you’re mistaken.  We elected a man who stated, “you can do anything to women… grab them by the pussy. You can do anything”, and then a few months after the Trump tape was released, we have a man arrested for listening to the president elect and grabbing a woman’s genitals. People in positions of power have a great deal of influence over the general populace. The way that Donald Trump treats certain groups of people in the coming years of his presidency will invariably effect the way that Americans treat those groups of people.

“Political correctness” isn’t our enemy here in America. People like Von Keyserling are our enemies here in America. People who take whatever they want from others, people who disrespect other Americans because of their race or gender, and people who blindly blame political correctness for problems that don’t exist. Those people are the enemies to American values. Over the coming years of the Trump presidency, let’s try to be even more politically correct than usual. Let’s try to be so “unbiased and appropriate” to each other that people like Trump and Von Keyserling weep over how “weak” our country has become.

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