Tallahassee Women’s March

By KRISTIN ROMAN / Contributing Writer


On this past Saturday, January 21, 2017, an estimated 10,000 people showed up to Railroad Square Art Park near downtown Tallahassee to participate in the Women’s March. The mass of people walked down Wahnish Way chanting phrases, such as “this is what democracy looks like” and “my body my choice,” until they got to the Hansel Tookes Recreation Center where the rally was held. There was such a large turn out that the venue quickly filled to capacity, leaving many participants no choice but to head to the Capitol Building to continue spreading their message of resistance and empowerment.
Throughout this daylong event, there was a strong sense of hope and determination in the air. Generations of diverse people made up the vast ocean that was the crowd. Many individuals carried signs concerning topics from reproductive health rights to marriage equality and everything in between. Everyone was polite and caring towards their fellow protestors and many strangers became friends while bonding over their shared passion for protecting and fighting for human rights.
Across the world on this day, hundreds of thousands of people marched in their metropolitan downtown areas protesting Donald Trump and many of his government affiliates’ values and plans. These protesters came together to show that injustice and prejudice will not be tolerated. People who believe in equality for all banned together, linked arms, and made their presence heard around the world.

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