Protests Continue to Dump Trump

trump photo.jpgROBERT COCANOUGHER / Editor-in-Chief

The Trump protest yesterday started simply with a walkout at noon. A decent number of students arrived on Landis, many with the intent of simply spectating. A large group of spectators had gathered about with a dead space between them and those on the side of the Students For A Democratic Society (SDS), the group that organized the protest. After a few attempts to “red rover” the spectators and a speaker gave a passionate speech about refugees, SDS gathered those on their side of the divide and the collective moved to Westcott fountain, chanting all along the way as students popped out of their dorms (usually with phones in hand) to observe the march.

There, a few more passionate speakers took to the megaphone and spoke about unity, race, LGBT rights, and addressed the Trump supporters that had followed the group, warning us and them about trying anything physical. Then, the protest took to the street. We marched down college avenue, SDS making sure we stayed in the road, even when an FSU worker attempted to move us onto the sidewalk with their car.

With multiple observers, supporters, and hecklers popping out of apartments and businesses along the way, shouting often indecipherable things at us. One moment that stuck out to me was when someone drove by and shouted “get a job” and one protester simply stated that the person who said this was similarly not at a job.


Eventually the group was moved onto the sidewalk, but not before chants of “whose streets? Our streets” and “people power.” We arrived at the old Capitol building shortly before it started to rain and so we took a short break. I took this opportunity to speak to a few of the protesters. I wanted to know why they were here, what the purpose was and what they aimed to achieve.

The reasons I got were all fairly similar: people wanted to let it be known that they were opposing Trump’s agenda from day one. That they would unite to protect each other and try to stop or slow the plans Trump has for our country. One protester put it well, stating that this was not the end as many liberals and Democrats thought, but this was only the beginning.

The protest furthered with people on the steps and select folks giving speeches on revolution, reading poetry critiquing American culture, and even singing songs about unity.

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