Tornadoes Tear Through Alabama and Tennessee



Severe weather and tornadoes ripped across the central southern United States in the first hours of the morning yesterday. The northern Alabaman city of Rosalie was hit especially hard. Between 15 and 20 buildings were completely wiped away including a plaza and a Baptist church. DeKalb County lost 25 homes along with a Daycare center. Colbert County and the Birmingham area also sustained significant damage and power outages. Three people were killed in Alabama and two more in Tennessee. All three fatalities in Alabama were in one home in Rosalie and a fourth person from that home was critically injured. Tennessee residents sustained injuries in Polk, McMinn, and Marion counties. The two Tennessee deaths were a couple in Polk County. There were over two dozen reported sightings of tornadoes in five different states throughout the night. The actual number of tornados may be lower due to repeated reporting of the same system. The affected areas stayed under tornado watch until noon today. “Praying for the families of the 3 who died in storms in Jackson Co.,” Gov. Robert Bentley tweeted. “Grateful for all First Responders in our state.” These tornados were a result of a severe thunderstorm system that barreled across the southern United States beginning Tuesday afternoon and hitting full strength around 4a.m. yesterday morning.

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