FSU Crushes UF

By AMANDA NEPPL / Staff Writer

After an amazing defeat of the Florida Gators on Saturday night, the Florida State Seminoles certainly finished the season strongly with a 31-13 win. While ‘State is now ranked 12th, Florida dropped to 15th, and must still face the Crimson Tide of Alabama on December 3rd. However, don’t tell the Gators that ‘Bama is ranked #1…

Within the first half, the ‘Noles put 10 points on the board; a combination of a touchdown by running back Dalvin Cook and a field goal by Ricky Aguayo. We also sacked the opposing teams quarter back. Defensive end Josh Sweat forced a fumble from Florida’s Austin Appleby. The ‘Nole’s DeMarcus Walker gained control over the ball at the 24 yard line. Additionally, Ricky Aguayo missed his first field goal and attempted again in the 2nd quarter twice, the first deflected. Gator kicker Eddy Pineiro scored 3 points for Florida just before Aguayo’s kick, yet the ‘Noles finished the first half leading 10-3.


View from the student section

Occasionally, it is easy to underestimate abilities of a team when its fans are blinded by how good its players actually are. “This Dalvin Cook guy is the most explosive player in all of college football,” says a quote from a Bleacher Report article by David Kenyon. Moreover, an ESPN article reads “the Seminoles’ defense also came up big, sacking Austin Appleby six times.” When a team has that level of talent, expecting athletes to perform perfectly on a consistent basis is unrealistic. At the end of the night, the team that puts in the work – and that has the least sacks – comes out on top.

The Gators managed to make another field goal putting themselves just 4 points behind Florida State. “Francois connects with a 46-yard strike to Travis Rudolph to put FSU up 17-6 with 5:38 left in the third,” writes Wayne E McGahee III Tallahassee Democrat in a game play-by-play article. The ‘Noles were not done, as the final quarter of the game held the most remarkable parts of the evening. Full back Freddie Stevenson ran 27 yards, leaving the Gators in the dust – or swamp – with a 24-6 lead. Florida answered with a touchdown made by defensive back Marcell Harris, which branched from a fumble from Nyqwan Murray. With nearly a minute left, Deondre Francois scored on an 8-yard touchdown run, securing a 31-13 victory and positively concluding a hard-fought and historical season.

Already fans await next season, yet Florida State may earn a spot in a bowl game. “They could find themselves in the Orange Bowl after Louisville’s loss and if Clemson advances to the College Football Playoff,” writes ESPN. There’s also the possibility that Dalvin Cook could apply early for the NFL draft, but that remains a mystery.







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