Shooting on Ohio State Campus



Earlier today there was a shooting at Ohio State. At least two suspects were involved, one holding a gun and one holding a knife. Ten people have been taken to the hospital and one is in critical condition. The situation began when a car crashed in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering around 9:40 this morning. The car that crashed had been trying to drive into a crowd of people, according to eyewitness and student Jerry Kovacich. One witness stated that a fire alarm was pulled inside the Watts Lab and, when students evacuated, the suspects drove the car into the crowd.

           While ten people were injured, none of the victims have suffered gunshot wounds, most of the injuries occurred either from the car crash or are stabbing wounds that occurred after the crash. The gunshots heard at the campus were from police shooting the knife-wielding suspect. The campus issued a warning during the attacks and has closed for the rest of the day. The campus issued an all clear at 11:30 this morning. Law enforcement is still present on campus, including SWAT, and closed off a wide perimeter around campus. One of the suspects was shot and killed, while the other is believed to be hiding in a parking garage on campus.

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