New Peace Deal Agreement between FARC and Colombian Government

Colombia March


After 50 years of fighting resulting in 220,000 lives lost and 8 million people displaced the war between Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government have finally reached an agreement for peace on November 13, 2016. Six weeks ago, the two groups met initially to negotiate peace but a narrow vote of the populace of Colombia (55,000 votes), a move that stunned the world. This people’s veto reflects the nations mixed motives for the war: Many of the people thought the rebels were given too much protection from the government from crimes they committed over the 50 years of fighting. Some want the fight to continue as they believe it’s the only way to uproot the corrupt government. While others have made their lifestyles around the war and want to continue seeing it happen for their gain.

Now the new agreement satisfies both sides especially with its promise to punish the rebels who committed war crimes and human rights abuses, by using a tribunal council system that reviews the cases by the individual leaders and provides sentencing. As well as taking a strict inventory of acquired assets for the courts to redistribute if necessary. After decades of war in Colombia many are happy to see the peace deal, but how easily or for how long will an anarchist group that started a civil war with its own government 50 years ago, stick to the agreed peace and further their own Agenda?

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