Know Before You Vote: District 3 Senate



For the office of District 3 State Senator Tallahassee has two options: incumbent Democrat Bill Montford or little-known Republican challenger Nancy Miller. Montford has served as a state senator since 2010 and is hoping to continue his service. Miller has no previous political service experience but she is passionate about protecting Florida’s heritage and honoring its veterans. She also strongly supports the second amendment, small government, lower taxes and is Pro-Life. Bill Montford is a fifth-generation Floridian who has had a lifelong career as an educator beginning as a middle school math teacher and working his way up to being a high school principal. Education is an immensely important issue for him and something that he hopes to continue to focus on, he even has a Florida State University College of Education scholarship named after him because of his dedication to furthering education. He has been a public servant for most of his life, previously serving as the Leon County Commissioner as well as currently sitting on numerous public boards and councils. More information can be found on each of these candidates’ websites:

Remember to vote Nov. 8th!

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