Know Before you Vote: Congressional Representative



The countdown continues for the upcoming general election and with only six days left there’s no time to waste. So here’s the skinny on the next position that will be on the ballot come November 8th. Florida’s twenty-seven Congressional Representative districts will be up for election, but right now we’ll be focusing on district five where Leon County resides. The incumbent Representative of district five is Corrine Brown (D) who was first elected to the seat in 1992. The two candidates who are now fighting for that position are Al Lawson (D) and Glo Smith (R). (4)

Al Lawson– Alfred Lawson was born in Tallahassee on September 21, 1948. Lawson is a former Democratic member of the Florida State Senate, District 6, from 2002 to 2010.  During that time Al Lawson served on the following committees: Banking and Insurance Committee, General Government Appropriation Committee, Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee, Health and Regulation Committee, Reapportionment Committee, and Rules Committee. During this campaign, Lawson focused on Jobs in Northern Florida, K-12 education, protection of Veterans, strengthening and Securing Social Security for seniors, and enhancing protection from local crimes.

Glo Smith– Gloreatha Scurry-Smith was born in Jacksonville, Florida and has held no prior office. Smith is known for helping develop a curriculum for the University of North Florida that established a quality childcare business in low-income areas of Northeast Florida. During her campaign Glo Smith spoke on upholding the Constitution as it is written and is against interpreting it any other way. Smith also spoke on imposing a new flat or fair tax so families and businesses will pay one simple tax. Glo also focused on strengthening our nation’s defense and working on an alternative for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

For more information on the views each candidate wishes to implement a simple Google search of the candidate’s websites and third party political websites will keep you informed and ready for November 8th.

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