Democrats Sue Rick Scott for not Pushing Back Voter Registration



Sunday evening the Florida Democratic Party sued Governor Rick Scott in order to extend the voter registration deadline by one week, until October 18. The governor denied a similar request last Thursday saying that “people have had time to register.” Over 2 million people were urged to evacuate the impending storm which reached wind speeds upwards of 130mph, which Democratic party members argued places a difficulty on voter registration. Many cities continue to have power outages and severe structural damages to buildings and homes. It also places a “disproportionate burden” on minority groups that may have been affected by the storm more strongly, according to lawyer Marc Elias. The suit claims that not extending the deadline is violating the Voting Rights Act and the First and Fourteenth Amendment. Although Scott seems unlikely to budge state law does give him the power to extend voting deadlines in the wake of a natural disaster. Many Democratic Party members claim that not allowing the extension and barring people affected by the storm from registering will have a great effect on the outcome of this election because of Florida’s position as a swing state.

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