Because, privileged college student, you don’t vote.

By ADAM WOOD / Staff Writer

Social Justice Warriors are commonly envisioned as plucky millennials with strong, ‘radical’ opinions. We all know at least one, right? They like to fight the good fight, challenging their friends and fellows on a myriad of social issues such as minority poverty, gender norms, and reproductive rights. They debate and debate and debate online or in person and attend the odd protest or two but do they follow up on their words and do right by their community? Do they vote in the local elections?

I cannot reliably pen down the voting habits of these young bleeding-hearts, but generally we younger comrades are not known for voting – as many commentators note, it just does not seem to be the millennial thing. This is going to be a boring bit about numbers and statistics, but hear me out! Take the 2012 presidential election, for instance: for people aged 18-29, voter turnout was about 45%. Voter turnout overall for that year was 57%. Do you know what percentage of eligible young folks turned out for the congressional elections in 2014? You probably don’t – it was roughly 18%. As for the local elections? Well, less than a quarter of Americans even bothered to cast their ballot. I wonder how many of those were young people?

Really, if the comrades, the SJW’s, the liberal Gestapo are so strong in their convictions, they would cast their ballot for the Mayor, the City Commissioner, the Circuit Court Judge, the Sheriff, or whoever the hell plans on running! So many, just so, so many revolutionary changes can happen in your city! If you felt the Bern, young liberals, then surely you know that Senator Sanders ran on a national platform calling for a $15 an hour livable wage. However, did you know that many cities are spearheading the ‘fight for fifteen’? Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and San Marcos – all believe that no one person who works 40 hours a week deserves to live in poverty. Of course, many of you will make the observation that many of these cities are in ‘liberal’, true blue donkey riding states – Washington, New York, and California, but don’t let this make you complacent. Serious changes have happened in your native Florida. Three months ago, Miami Beach, was the first city in the American South to ban gay conversion therapy – a big deal and a great step forward in the fight for LBGT rights. Serious stuff can get done, folks!

On the local front, we had Dr. Bruce Strouble. He ran for city commissioner (basically, a seat on the local legislature) in the Primaries held just a few weeks ago. You want to hear a quote from Brucie? “In order for Tallahassee to be an ‘All American City’, we must address the poverty, unemployment, and blight in the Southside and Frenchtown”. Really, if any single molecule in your body ‘Feels the Bern’ wouldn’t you throw in your lot with this guy?

Running for the Supervisor of Elections, we have Alan Williams, whose previous job as a representative in the Florida Legislature involved pushing for online voter registration and an expansion in early voting. On his platform, Williams advocates free public transportation on Election Day. Do you know how many poor individuals and college students this would help? Heck, he and his primary opponents, Tena Pate and Mark Early (he and Williams will be running against each other in a run-off election come November, so watch out!), are all willing to expand voting rights to those with nonviolent drug convictions. If you have sympathy at all for those who suffered from the racist drug war that has racked this nation for decades, you would get up and cast your ballot.

As for the Sheriffs? We have four fine candidates: Walt McNeil, Tommy Mills, Charles Strickland, and Mike Wood. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the increased attention focused on Police Brutality (alongside shootings targeting police officers), it is refreshing to learn all four men support community outreach and most, the use of body cameras. Really, I have no doubt that whoever wins would do their utmost to help make Tallahassee a safer place (please note that Strickland, however, supports having guns on campus).

Woefully, there seems to be a lack in LBGT activism (to my knowledge) in Tallahassee, but there is, notwithstanding, the opportunity to ameliorate the ethnic stratification you young SJW Commies so loathe and an opportunity to help ease the voting process for the young and the poor. There is much, much, much, more to this year’s November election than choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Oh, and remember: before Bernie became Senator Sanders, he was the mayor of Burlington. Big changes start at the local elections, so please don’t just talk about white privilege this or cisgender that. Millenials comprise nearly a third of the voting population. Be the change you want in the world, young SJWs. Get out and vote.


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