Cause of Crohn’s



The cure for Crohn’s disease may be near at hand, as researchers at Cave Western Reserve University have found a fungus that may be attributed to the disease. This fungus is found in the intestines and plays a major role, along with bacteria and genetic variables, in determining whether or not someone will develop Crohn’s. With the identification of this fungus the researchers may be able to find a course of treatment for Crohn’s. As of now there are many different combinations of treatment options used to suppress the symptoms of Crohn’s but they do not work for everyone and there are no standard treatment options available.

Crohn’s disease is an IBD, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, that causes constant inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. It is extremely difficult to diagnose the symptoms of the disease and, because the treatment options currently available do not work on everyone, it is difficult to treat the disease, as well. Crohn’s was previously believed to be associated with E. Coli.


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