Super-Typhoons Target China and Taiwan


Hurricane Meranti

Taiwan and China were left in distress after Super Typhoon Meranti. James Griffiths and Brandon Miller of CNN Extreme Weather reported that “Super Typhoon Meranti is barreling down on Taiwan, bringing wind speeds of up to 230 miles per hour (370 kph), faster than a Formula One race car, and torrential rains”. This destruction caused a few injuries, but incredibly vast power outages, and left residents of Taiwan detached from making important connections. CNN reported that “More than 370 domestic and international flights have been canceled and train services have also been suspended.”

China was hit hard as well. In an article published on the 17th by Eric Chaney and Sean Breslin of The Weather Channel stated, “Chinese officials also said Meranti was responsible for destroying 1,600 homes and displacing 33 million people – more than the population of Texas”. Additionally, at least 13 people were killed during the typhoon in China, according to authorities.

Residents are saddened and shocked that an 800 year old wooden bridge (the Dongguan Bridge, of Xian Bridge as it is known to some) was destroyed during the storm. China’s Yongchun County tourism board reported that “The whole city is heartbroken! The bridge had withstood a long and stormy history but had no luck with Meranti” according to Saturday’s article.

typhoon-tweetThere was no luck in the Northern Philippines, either. Itbayat, an island in the Batanes province just south of Taiwan, was caught in the eye of the storm. Vermont environmentalist Bill McKibben posted a satellite photograph of the massive storm on Twitter, exhibiting the small island in the center of Typhoon Meranti. McKibben tweets “As scary a pic as I’ve ever seen.”

As much as Eastern Asia would love for the chaos to end, another typhoon, Typhoon Malakas, was recorded recently. This time around it is expected to hit Japan instead of China – though the storm will still cause trouble for Taiwan. Tom Moore of The Weather Channel reports that the typhoon “will continue to threaten Japan’s southernmost Ryukyu Islands” and “could impact southern mainland Japan early next week.”

Typhoons Meranti and Malakas both prove to be disastrous and have made headlines both nationally and internationally. According to, Meranti is considered “the strongest storm in the world so far this year”.  An Aljiazeera report calls this “the third most violent typhoon on record.”

While we focus our energies on what storms are directed our way, it is important to note what weather patterns and natural disasters others are experiencing just on the other side of the world.


By AMANDA NEPPL / Contributing Writer

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