MoFA Exhibitions: Roadtrip and Assemblage

FSU’s Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA) opened two art exhibitions this summer that will continue to be on display until Sept. 18. Each exhibition offers a little something for everyone’s tastes.

The show entitled Roadtrip features several paintings of storefronts and other architecture you may see while driving across the country, emphasizing vibrant colors and a very retro atmosphere. It also includes several unconventional maps done by William Walmsey with whimsical colors and often-crude phrases scrawled across them, managing to be simultaneously amusing and thought-provoking. The maps have even more unconventional titles such as Ding Dong Daddy Shoe Shoe, which add to the quirky nature of these pieces.

The exhibition called Assemblage is truly unique because it incorporates pieces from five different FSU BFA alumni from the class of 1996, constituting a kind of artistic class reunion 20 years later. Assemblage is a perfect title for this installation as it certainly is a coming together. The five artists that are highlighted in this showcase each have vastly different styles and mediums; it is especially interesting to note the immense individuality demonstrated by all of the artists despite having received the same education in the same program here at FSU. Richard Grillotti’s work is very Minecraft-esque, consisting of humorous, pixelated, comic book-like narratives that people of all ages and artistic backgrounds can enjoy. Charity Wood Myers’ multimedia work provides a beautiful display of scrapbook nostalgia. Melissa Herrington’s large abstract acrylic paintings were given complex names so as to provoke deeper exploration of her pieces. C. Joel Beaman’s work includes journals that one can sift through as they please, along with intriguing long exposure photos of architecture. Finally, David Wayne Miller left viewers with a simplistic hands-on photo album that rouses the imagination.

Community is a cornerstone of art, and it is absolutely wonderful that FSU is supporting alumni by welcoming them back to showcase their work and hopefully inspire the next group of eager young artists. Both of these exhibits are thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly stimulating. They should definitely not be missed. Make your way down to the Museum of Fine Arts located at 530 W. Call Street between 9 a.m. and 4 p,m. Monday-Friday or 1-4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. Catch Assemblage and Roadtrip before they disappear on Sept. 18!


By WENDY PARKULO / Contributing Writer

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