Last Stand Radio: Finale

“Hello? Hello?” I hear a female human voice. It must be Karen. I rise from my seat in her office. “Hello?” Louder now. I had no place to go, no idea what to do. So I stood there. Her door opened slowly. She came in holding a gun. She saw me and looked at me with wide eyes, appearing to be frozen in place. “What have you done? What sort of weapon are you?” The vibrations in her voice were strained. I could not respond. In all my time here, I had never considered that I may need to speak to a human. She shot at me. I ducked down behind her desk. I had the idea to type to her.
“Vault food gone. All was empty when I got here.” I turned the screen toward her. Luckily it had not been shot. She paused. I stood back up.
“What are you?”
“Valorian,” I typed with a strange sense of pride. Pride was one of your human emotions, I had never experienced it before. Odd. But he did not understand. “Not from here.” I typed to her.
“Are you the one who has been broadcasting the music?” I nodded. I could at least do that much to communicate. “Well at least you have good taste.” I saw a slight smile, but she did not lower her weapon. We were in a standstill.
Something exploded outside. It had not hit the building, but it was enough to make us both fall to the ground.
“This is the Peacekeepers. Google has received news that The Last Stand Radio Station is harboring unregulated weaponry. Hand it over or all of you will be eliminated.” The voices vibrations rocked the dwelling.
“Damnit Google. You promised me! You told me you would take care of them!” Karen shouted to no one in particular, still aiming her gun at me. “If I just gave you locations you told me…” She was quieter. “You wanna help me get out of this?” She asked me. I nodded. She paused a moment, then lowered her weapon. “Then let’s go. To the Vault. There’s another way out of here. Take this, it should help you talk to me.” She tossed me a square with a keyboard. It buzzed in my hands.
“Test,” I typed in. To my surprise, it spoke for me. Karen began walking away, presumably to the actual entrance to her Vault, but I pointed her to the hole in her floor. “Here,” I stated.
“Oh. Nice. Let’s go.” And we headed down.
“I thought Google was on your side. The survivors.” I said. She laughed at this.
“There’s multiple sides to every war. And they were on both. They don’t care about winning or losing, surviving or dying, they care about power. They want control. There’s a lot you’ve got to learn. Valorian.”
We found our ways through some tunnels in the Vault. She stopped in a room with bi-wheeled vehicles. She climbed on one, and I did the same. A doorway opened in front of us with a ramp. We sped along this ramp, travelling gradually upward until the desert of the outside world was upon us. I looked back to see many massive black ships circling the dwelling. They fired as one, and the dwelling was gone. I watched as the massive tower fell, and the streams of information died with it. I heard Karen say something beside me, under her breath. We sped away from the destruction, but the ships must have noticed us as they began flying in our direction. Karen was shouting unintelligibly beside me. It would not take long for the ships to cross this distance and catch us, and there was nowhere to hide in this wasteland. As the ships closed in, I stopped and dismounted my vehicle. Karen stopped too, wondering what I was doing. I dropped down to ground myself. My core glowed bright. I let out an electronic burst, which pushed back their force and caused one ship to run into another. No less, they wouldn’t stop, they kept advancing. I motioned to Karen to try and get her to leave. I reached up and out, digging into one ship and dismantling it. Another began to fire at me, I jumped out of the way, shooting an electric pulsed back at them. My core glowed yellow and I knew it would soon be red. The ships were surrounding me now, I could hear a particularly large one behind me.
The ships in front of me began to explode, I watched electric arcs fire from behind. I turned to see that it was my people who flew near my back. I ran to my ship as they made quick work of Google’s ships. The remaining black ships fled and my people landed.
“Board now, Valorian. We are leaving this planet.” They said to me. They had come back for me. I looked about. Karen was still here, safe. A Valorian came from behind the ship. “Come now.” He ordered. I looked at Karen, and she at me. She had not left me, and I would not leave her. These people, you humans, you had captured me.
“Leave me supplies, my friend, and be gone,” I communicated to the Valorian, “I still have much to learn here.”
Angrily, the Valorian gave me battlegear, along with nanobots and other items necessary to the survival of my kind. And they were gone. Never to return. My people. Or were they?
I looked to Karen. We would ride back to the dwelling to see what we could salvage. From there, I know not where we would head. Wherever we went, we would spread a message, one of both warning and of hope. Hard times are ahead, more hate and destruction. But there is still beauty, still wonder, and still love in your species. And with those, there is the hope that all is not yet lost.
Stay tuned, survivors.

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