Love and Death, You and Me

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Love and Death, You and Me

If I had died when I was 5 years old

Would you have questioned

While you were lonely on the playground

Why I had chosen to play with angels over you?


If at 10 I had disappeared

Would you have cried

Thinking cooties had killed me

When you gave me a chaste kiss on a dare?


If I had lived to only be 15

Would you have hated me

For running to a place

Where you couldn’t follow?


If I was gone by the age of 20

Would you have become depressed

Because I left you to explore adulthood alone

When I couldn’t handle the pressure?


If at 25 I took my last breath

Would you have kept the ring

That you had planned to give me, the girl

Who you wanted to marry?


If I only reached 30 when I died

Would you have looked our children

In the eyes and told them

Why their mother was never coming home?


If I only lived to the age of 40

Would you have tried to move on

Went out on dates and always wondered

Why you compared those women to me?


If I was gone at 50 years old

Would you have forgotten to eat

Because you were busy at work

Where you tried to take control of your life again?


If at 60 I passed away

Would you have drank away the pain

Even though that was

Why you couldn’t see our grandchildren?


If I was with you until I became 80

Would you have started to embrace

The idea of dying too, that

When you died we would be together once more?


If at the old age of 100 I left forever

Would you have been happy

Knowing we had lived long, happy lives

While the world changed around us?


If I never die

Would you question

While you are sitting alone in the heavens

Why I have chosen to live forever without you?


The Menu

Bullets for breakfast

Sloshing around in a bowl of blood

Lacerations at lunch

Stinging spots leaving scars

Tablets during tea

Swallowed dry by the bottle

Skipping this supper

Saving space for the best part

Death served for dessert

Served with a side of suicide



Found in the 2015 Print Edition

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