Poetry by Lauren McDaniel

Swimming Mermaids

Looking down at the waves
Rise and rise and
          fall and      fall
Under the waves are sparkles
Scales on fish tales catching the light
As mermaids swim just below the surface
Their hair is long and thick
Twisty, curly, bouncy
Their skin milky and smooth
Wanting to leap into the water
Listen to their underwater siren songs
Study their hips, where
Skin gives way to scales
And watch their tail kick
Up and              up and
        down and                 down
But instead of jumping down
I sit there and watch the waves
And imagine the fish-folk swimming below



(Not A Forget Me Not)

            I will not tell you not to want
Sometimes the soul sings siren songs
And falls under its own melodic spell
I turned a deaf ear and remained unaffected
            I will not tell you not to feel
The sparks below the the surface of your skin
Demand that you reach out
To complete the circuit, form a human connection
For me it was like bad shock therapy
            I will tell you not to act on impulses
And to redirect your attention
Set flame to forget-me-nots — forget me please
Ignore my inky wings as I fly away 
Forever more
            I will not tell you not to want, not to feel
But please do not want for me




Lauren is a Biology Major. a self proclaimed Jack of all trades, master of none (except maybe doodling mermaids). She’s been Dabbling in the language arts since fourth grade. (Thanks, Mrs. Brink, for teaching the the difference between does and dose.) Been doing a bit more than dabbling since high school. She also enjoys long walks on the beach (while wearing SPF 100+), chocolate, and writing a large chunk of text and deleting it all five minutes later. Current status: probably watching Lord of the Rings (again).

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