Student Government Elections 2016

The top political parties on campus are scrambling to finalize their campaigns with this years student government election season coming to an end. Voting is tomorrow, February 24. Polls open at 8:00 a.m and close at 7:00 p.m.

Many of you have probably seen the countless students wearing t-shirts supporting their party of choice or holding signs at events. You may be aware of these political organizations but what do they actually do?

The two most active political parties on campus this semester are the Advance Party and the Vitality Party. Each of them has been campaigning in order to become the top party in charge.

The incumbent Vitality Party was established just over a year ago and has already implemented a multitude of programs across FSU’s campus.  They have sent polls across campus in order to assess what students want their tuition activity and service fees to fund. Their goal was to “increase student involvement in places it never was before,” a Vitality Party Representative told us.

They started Parking Forgiveness, which serves a warning to first time parking offenders rather than immediately serving them the $30 fine. Vitality also initiated Rez Rides. This is a bus service for FSU students without transportation who would like to travel to FSU’s Reservation. They advocate for healthier on-campus food choices and will even be running the first on-campus farmer’s market in May.

Vitality has also seen a need for mental health awareness – but they’re taking it one step further. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Untreated depression stirs an internal conflict that many struggle with. Vitality has worked with the University Counseling Center to collaborate ideas in order to help struggling students. They have their well-known “puppy campaign” that brings puppies onto campus. It’s been hugely successful across campus with many students being able to play with these puppies.

The Advance Party has come up to challenge Vitality, focusing on skilled leadership and fostering a strong student body united in an aim toward progress. They hope to create a comprehensive and forward-thinking student government association. They implemented a Mentor/Mentee program for students that has seen much success. They have also held several workshops that including their “Tools for Success” workshop. These programs are designed to help students academically.

Each of these parties hopes to make a positive impact across campus. They hope to see students achieving their academic goals while also enjoying the FSU experience. Whichever party you support, we encourage you to proudly display that support tomorrow for elections. Each party’s 2016 platforms  and candidates can be found below:


Advance Party

advance platform


President Candidate: NATHAN MOLINA

Vice President Candidate: VALERIE SHALLOW

Treasurer Candidate: LEE GIBSON

Senior Class President Candidate: CHRISTINA LAVENDER

Senior Class Vice President Candidate: ARIEL SMITH

Senior Class Treasurer Candidate: CHASE BOWMAN

Senior Class Secretary Candidate: ASHLEY WOLF




Vitality Party

vitality bullfuck

President Candidate: JOHN RUSSO

Vice President Candidate: CECILY ELISE MATTHEWS

Treasurer Candidate: EMILY D’ANGELO

Senior Class President Candidate: DESHAWN SIMPKINS

Senior Class Vice President Candidate: ALEXIS DEJARNETTE

Senior Class Treasurer Candidate: PATRICK DUGGAN

Senior Class Secretary Candidate: DIANA HABER



Voting opens February 24 at 8:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. You can vote at







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