A Cry


I watched as my friends struggled “discovering”

    who they are as people, rather than creating

    an identity in themselves,

watched as they fought against the pressure

    of success, successfully failing at

    the balancing act of all forces demanding

    their attention,

watched them try so hard to be a singularity

    they accepted their voice is small and

    silent and irrelevant in the world and

    accepted they will make no impact,

watched disputes that built walls as arguments

    over whether or not she was right for him

    or just using him to get back at the last guy

    with an unnecessary casualty in a war

    this soldier didn’t sign up for,

watched them conform against conformity as

    their independent voices became one of

    thousands which were quickly swayed

    to three different topics at once,

watched the world pull strings on the undecided:

    a generation of unsure, unmotivated, untapped

    minds moving in sixty directions at once,

watched as they were drawn so thin the page

    could not register their presence even if

    they never stopped drawing,

watched the world take young minds for

    a military to create an ocean so vast

    a splash made by my friends would not

    cause a ripple in one percent of it,

watched cats distract us from the starvation

    of millions who never gained the rights

    we never cared about in the first place,

watched fights break out over nothing

    seeming like they were all important

    with statements about her being

    able to save him from himself,

watched as he jumped out the window,

    regret-filled heart pulling his legs forward,

    landing chest first onto the concrete,

watched tears stream down her face,

    roaring through the crowd with no words,

    silenced by fear and guilt,

watched them stumble and fall, out of control

    with no idea what they were saying, doing,

    polluting the air with vomit and fucks,

    spray-painting the wall with urine,

watched police take my friends away violently

    for being disorderly and disobedient,

    illustrating the dysfunction of present times,

I watched my friends slowly dissent into madness

    pressured by society to do good with their lives

    when they weren’t even doing well emotionally,

    as getting out of bed to eat became a hassle

    but burying their anger was a habit,

they told me every day they needed help,

    looked at me with bloodshot eyes,

    the smell of coping on their breath,

    never doing anything but the wrong thing

    and I just watched.

By GARRET EICHER / Staff Writer

Garret is a second-year Creative Writing major from Aurora, Illinois. He is one of four with an identical twin and his siblings have made a huge impact on his writing. Garrett constantly writes about them, especially his younger sister.


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