Shows That Should Just Stop While They’re Ahead

So many shows come and overstay their welcome on air. Because of changing writers, networks, replacing actors or characters from the original cast, more shows end at their post-timely demise. This list includes television programs that have run dry on stories, lost a large support from their fan-base, or are basically limping on for no reason other than the few fans who are so sucked into what is still coming out despite the fact they have already seen the same story a few times in the series already.

Grey’s Anatomy



To start off the list is the medical melodrama that is not giving its large fan-base no matter how many bombing threats there are at a hospital. After killing off pretty much every character except Meredith Grey. Many fans swear that the episodes are still good but have probably lost their favorite character along the way through the episodes in tears. Do they just pray that somehow they will magically come back to life?


Big Bang Theory



Here, Chuck Lorre goes on trial for the most popular comedy airing, but how much farther can the story go? Leonard and Penny are now married, finally ending the running gag of all their engagements, all the guys have girlfriends or wives, completely taking away the jokes of Raj being unable to talk to women, and Sheldon has now had coitus. They are running out of stereotypically nerdy jokes. Therefore, the showrunners should end the show in the next season or two.





This show reformed reality television. Instead of “real people” in society doing stupid things, they take “real people” out of society and make them fight each other for money which they will then lose in taxes. Riveting. Nobody thought this show would last more than a few seasons and now it’s been over 30. How? Not only has it way outlasted expectations, but it ushered in an entire sub-genre of reality game shows following it. And while we’re on the topic: who watches The Biggest Loser?

All cop shows, just ever



There so many of these that are the same, it’s hard to just limit down to just one entry. So now is the time to crucify the entire genre. No matter what different take writers and producers take, a cop is still just a cop. The genre has blended in and been dominated by so many different clichés, that despite there being shows about the FBI, other federal agencies and even the special victims unit of a police precinct, they all run the same, and are just based on a formula of, “who did it?” And the answer is always the same: any of the first three people the detectives talked to. But with the ending of CSI, maybe others and all will follow suit. One can only hope.

After countless years and way too many episodes, these shows just seem to be invincible and will burn on until Neflix just runs them all out.


By GARRETT EICHER / Staff Writer

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