Netflix & Carols: The More Untraditional Christmas Movie List

Better jump on the commercialization of the holiday season, because everything is Christmas once the world has seen the last of this year’s Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving Turkey. Starbucks has certainly gotten into the spirit, with all of the correctly themed desserts, red coffee cups, and beverages that boast more sugar than caffeine. With the first days of December come all peppermint bark recipes, at LEAST 20% off at your favorite stores, and if we’re lucky, and drop in the overbearing Florida humidity that’s all-too-familiar the rest of the year. But what’s most important, is tuning in to those favorite specials. Here’s a list of the Top 3 Holiday Favorites available on Netflix!


3. Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas List 1Everyone remembers Tim Allen in 1994’s The Santa Clause (and, unfortunately, 2 & 3), where he takes on the role of the jolly man in red. I guess you could say there’s no way he’d miss a Christmas. Not so in this Tim Allen Christmas Movie (™). Based on the novel, Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham, Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis star as Luther and Nora Krank as they face one mishap after another, making a warm-hearted comedy. Instead of celebrating Christmas without their daughter (who’s off in the Peace Corps), the Kranks decide to go on a cruise and skip Christmas. On Christmas Eve, however, their daughter surprises them and says she’ll be home for holidays! Too bad that means Luther and Nora have only 12 hours to prepare for arrival. This movie is funny, cute, and a good reminder that Christmas Eve shopping is terrible.


2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Christmas List 2Tim Allen’s son in Home Improvement gets his own Christmas movie with just as many bizarre and comedic events. Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays Jake, a student in California who hasn’t been home for the holidays since his mother died and his father remarried. After being offered his dad’s 1957 Porsche in return for being home by 6pm on Christmas Eve, Jake books plane tickets so he and his girlfriend, Allie (played by Jessica Biel), will make it to New York to cash in on the deal. Now, this wouldn’t be a movie without conflict, and this movie is full of them. Starting off with being abducted and dumped in the desert in a Santa suit, a cross country road trip reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) ensues.


1. Love, Actually

Christmas List 3This is the British version of the movies like Valentine’s Day (2010) and New Year’s Eve (2011). This movie takes us through the characters’ lives leading up to the fateful day (in this case, Christmas), rather than just the day of. Similar to the other titles that focus on life-changing events that happen on their respective holidays, the several different storylines encourages the audience to further evaluate values like  honesty, family, and love. Dubbed as mash of romantic/comedy/drama, this is a more unorthodox Christmas special, but it is truly worth the watch. Plus it’s got an all-star British cast, including: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, and many others.




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