Nous pensons toujours à vous. (We are Always Thinking of You)

There are star-crossed days when the night alights,

A once golden sky goes dark;

Steady heartbeats spike in rhythm, turn bloody crimson,

With sadness spark.

Chaos in the streets, formerly placid, is patched by lovers’ sympathy,

Bled from the enemy –

A force that cannot stand against empathy –

And so will always part

When there are hugs from thousands of miles away

Hoping to be felt,

A boy who prays but never before has prayed –

His words are jumbled but his heart swells –

A man who sings Imagine on a city street

Prompting a girl who doesn’t know the lyrics to mumble along,

A world that knows of hope and forgiveness:

Two values higher than any others.

We stand in a moment of silence.

Families and loved ones are held dear

And it becomes possible to cherish strangers;

We remember that humanity has one heart.

Our unity, our goal of peaceful solidarity,

And taking a stand against those who inflict tragedy

Is now to never be forgot…

On a windy day the world was rocked,

A city that embodies Light and Love

Left completely distraught.

But you’re never alone;

You’re in our constant thoughts.


By EMILY SCOTT / Literature Editor

Emily Ann Scott is a Senior studying English Literature & Classic Civilizations at Florida State University. She hopes nothing more than that you pray for Paris and all others that are the victims of recent terrorist attacks and other tragedies across the world.


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