Rogue Productions One Act Festival

Rogue Productions is a new, student run organization that is coming onto the scene with works written, directed, and performed by students both in and out of the theatre department. Though technically a part of the FSU School of Theatre, the organization is not funded by the university. The students working in the shows volunteer a great deal of time and effort to bring their original works to life. Below is a short blurb from Rogue Productions’ Artistic Director, Kori Whitby, about their upcoming play festival, which has been in the works for four months:


Rogue 1“Rogue Productions’ inaugural One-Act Play Festival features three original short plays: Sit Down Already written by Phelan Kenyon-Jones, Mapping written by Wade Howard and Kori Whitby, and Countdown written by Demery Zlatic. Back in April, writers or writing pairs were each given an individual prompt of a song, an image, and a piece of text. What was developed over the course of 4 months is three pieces that are completely varying in tone, theme, and writing style. Featuring an absurdist piece, a drama, and a comedy, it is sure to be an exciting night for theatre lovers of all varieties. With their original one-acts, Rogue presents an opportunity for aspiring playwrights to practice their craft in a professional setting, and gives audiences a chance to witness refreshing original works completely free of charge. Running at approximately an hour and a half with no intermission, the One-Act Festival can be seen this weekend only, September 25-27th, at 8:00 pm in the Augusta Conradi Studio Theatre on the first floor of the William’s Building.”


Below (and one above) are some production photos from the upcoming festival:


Rogue 2

People sitting on the floor with bottles near by, looks like college to me

Rogue 3

It looks like a grand old time


Rogue 4

Bring a date at your own risk


A link to the event can be found here

And their Facebook page here:


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