A Collection of poems by Lauren McDaniel


Arrow of direction
Arrow of time
Arrow of love
Arrow of crime
Arrow of destiny
Arrow of design
Arrow of Eros
Arrow of mine



Some people hate cleaning
I am a sentimental packrat
Nothing extreme
Just a pile of papers
Old dolls and stuffed animals
A handful of old jewelry
Shirts, pants, underwear
A diary or two
Art projects
Some completed
Others on a permanent hiatus
Unless I become inspired one day
Which is why I keep those
Plus I like what I started
Oh, and books
Plenty of books

But every summer
Every year without fail
Since I got my own room
I pull everything out of my closet
Everything out of the drawers
Out of the corners
I put everything I own
In a pile in the middle of my room
And every summer
Right after school gets out
I take that pile
Sort through it all
Relish a few memories
Toss out a few bad ones
Make sure the new ones have a place
And I put it all away
Organized and cleaned
With a little more order
So that I feel a little less guilty
When my packrat ways
Cause a few new papers
To start piling in a corner
And I will just know that
When summer comes next year
I will clean and organize again


My Reflection(s)

I think
There is someone
Or someones living in
My mirror. Well, not in
My mirror but on
The other side
In a world equal
But at the same time
Opposite. Actually
I know
There are someones
Living on the other side of
My mirror because I
Once saw two of
Me in the mirror
Standing side-by-side
And I don’t have a twin


Lauren is a Biology Major. a self proclaimed Jack of all trades, master of none (except maybe doodling mermaids). She’s been Dabbling in the language arts since fourth grade. (Thanks, Mrs. Brink, for teaching the the difference between does and dose.) Been doing a bit more than dabbling since high school. She also enjoys long walks on the beach (while wearing SPF 100+), chocolate, and writing a large chunk of text and deleting it all five minutes later. Current status: probably watching Lord of the Rings (again).


LAUREN MCDANIEL / Contributing Writer

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