Humans Versus Zombies: Final Day



Alexus Kimmey

It’s the final day. We once again were tied up, having to walk across campus to HTL. Getting there was relatively simple, but we lost a couple people on the way, I myself narrowly avoided the undead.
We had to place a bomb at HTL and wait about 3 minutes until it exploded. The zombies had only grown more powerful. We knew if we stayed we would die. The choice came down to either sticking by the bomb or ditching it and gathering the pieces for a weapon to kill the leader of the zombies and win.
For the most part we all survived the first wave of zombies as we attempted to fight our way out. But my gun jammed. I managed to sprint past most of the zombies and follow my comrade up the stairs, but two zombies were waiting for us.
Now as a


mbie, I chase fi

nal 3

humans down along with shtifgugh hord


. They do final grefgh stand.


y ggggggrugh went down in a bl


of glory before fi


be killed.


Not enough to satisfy


. I

wait next challenge.


William ‘Red Beard’ Chipain

There I was…bitten. On the way to our last checkpoint, our whole squad was ambushed by a least 20 biters, and then one by one I saw my comrades fall, then myself. I got bitten on the wrist trying to push the horde away from me, but it was all for naught. I’ve said as much as I can in these logs, but right now everything is going


, and there really isn’t much to say now anyway


I jus

t hop

e that who


finds this , like I said before, can lrean fr


mistaks..must carefulandsoj





Kimberlee Denise



John McLeod


combine_images 4

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