Humans Versus Zombies: Day 4 Report


Alexus Kimmey

After the previous night’s events, I managed to gain some of the trust back from my fellow soldiers. Once again we were told to split off into two groups. My group had to make its way to a merchant, hopefully before the zombies. Luckily during the day, my comrades Red and Gio joined me in collecting enough credits to spend at the merchant.

Once we reached the merchant, we bid for information on the rest of our missions as well as on the Mercenaries that were there for hire. Once the bidding was done we left with 2 mercenaries and 4 pieces of information. The info told us of our mission and that the zombies were growing more resistant to our weaponry. Somehow, the zombies gained a mercenary of their own.

Our next checkpoint was where the second group of humans ran to, so the rest of us began to make our way there. Two fellow soldiers, Red and Nicole joined myself in leading the group. Tensions were running high as everyone was shouting. Fear was running through each of our veins as the zombies chased us and surrounded us.

On the way there, the zombie mercenary stunned one of our soldiers, stunning him in place. With the zombies on our heels I commanded the humans to go on without us. One more fellow rebel, McLeod stayed behind to help protect us from the zombies. At this point, the remaining zombies by us left to follow the main human group. We took the time alone to reload our weapons for the coming fight.

Once we reached the main group, we had to enter a horrifying pit. Most unfortunately, McLeod died entering the pit. He will be missed. There was a slow moving monster within the pit. The only way to kill it was to close the door on it. As we attempted to do so, many of our comrades began to die left and right. One of which, Devon, died killing the rancor by “sacrificing” himself to close the door on it.

There was only about 9 of us left, including our Mercs. We started with nearly 2-3 times that. As we tried to get our bearings, we were told there was still more to the mission. We had to make our way from our current location, Psych Green, to Langford Green—tied together. We tied ourselves in a line, with myself in the front. We shook hands with each other, believing it to be the end of the road for us. The zombies outnumbered us greatly. About 1/3 of the zombies flanked us, watching our every move. So, we decided to attack the bulk of them head on, moving slowly towards the outskirts of campus.

Things were going relatively fine, we were stunning zombies no problem. Suddenly, my gun jammed once again, rendering me defenseless. The zombies overwhelmed our friends in the back of the line. Sensing the danger, our mercenary eric quickly took out his knife and freed us from our doomed friends, allowing us to break free. All I remember hearing was “RUN!” before I instantly began sprinting to the boundaries.

Four of us made it out alive. I fear for what is to come.


Will ‘Red Beard’ Chipain

Last night’s mission was a disaster, and I barely made it back alive. It started out with the rest of the survivors having two objectives. One group will go and rescue a man named ‘Han,’ while the other group goes to ‘The Merchant’, and haggles for information and bounty hunters. Well on the way there we were ambushed by a couple zombies, but thankfully no one lost their lives. We had about 290 Credits to spend, so that gave us some leeway with bidding. At the end of the process, we ended up with two bounty hunters by the names of ‘Chaw’ and ‘Serenity’, and a handful of information to help us out. Unfortunately we lost a couple humans in the process.

We then decided it was time to rescue the strike team we sent in. We were way in over our heads. As we arrived in the lair, we were trapped within a pit with an ugly monster and were forced to find a way to kill it, all while dealing with zombies. As we tried to open the gates, mass hysteria ensued and I watched countless fellow humans get slaughtered by the zombies, the number of dead bodies was gargantuan. After we had killed the monster, we were bound together and forced to go to the Pit of Carcoon to face the zombies.

As we exited the lair, we managed to make a run for it and eventually escape the premises. It was foolish but there was no other choice, and in the end, we lost two more survivors.  There are only a handful of us left… I’m not sure how much more of this we can take. Just in case I don’t make it tonight, I leave this log to whoever may find it; Learn from our success, and our failures.

This is Red, signing off.



Kimberlee Denise


We received word that “Han” and the small group were trapped in a lair with a huge zombie who just would not die no matter what. This is where I was lost.

The survivors were skittish after seeing the undead and we ran to the lair. We might have had better chances if we had kept our wits about us

In the confusion in the lair, we were also locked in. The merchant appeared to have betrayed us due to a history with “Han”.

In the lair, I was bitten by a zombie. I might have shaken it off as I did earlier in the week, but I was bitten again a few minutes later.

A lot of my fellow survivors lost their lives as well. I saw Calvin mauled before my eyes and recognized a bit of the Captain’s clothing on the ground in the lair.

I have a few pieces of paper on me and a pen. Now that you know how I died, I want to write out my last thoughts.

To my parents – I hope that you are still alive, somewhere out there in the crazy world we inhabit. Well, not me anymore, I suppose.

To my friends – Keep up the fight. Survive in my honor.

To my love – I am so sorry that we never got married like you wanted. Perhaps in the next life, if there is an afterlife for the undead.

I feel the hunger, the pain, the internal rot. I haven’t got much time left. I will hide this final log to improve the chances of it being found.

Goodbye and good luck.

[There is a hasty signature at the bottom with a scribbled heart. The log itself is shredded a bit – it appears Kimberlee didn’t hide the log in time, but discarded it before the paper was destroyed.]


John McLeod


Ate some brains, fkgi it was good, gugh nerds, gehgsht

[John appears to have tried to write something in the pit, but the paper is torn to bits. In his transition from human to zombie, this was all that was legible]





Photo Credit: TRE CREWS

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