Humans Versus Zombies: Day 3 Report




Alexus Kimmey


It’s the third day. My comrades Red and Danielle accompanied me to the rendezvous point. Once I showed up, I was immediately under scrutiny. My fellow humans all feared me, calling me the “OZ.” I attempted to explain my innocence, but none of them were going to have it. Briefing began and our weapons were all taken away, including socks. Our task was to retrieve our weapons from 1 of 2 locations: SLC or HTL. However, we had to transport 3 boxes of various sizes, which read “Fragile” on it as well.

We were defenseless except for 3 socks total. Right away Red, Dani, and I took the socks, but after much complaint, I gave a sock to one other human, Cody, whom I trusted. The three of us also took 2 boxes. Once we were released, we ran through Landis and took a back way towards SLC. We were followed by multiple zombies, but managed to make it there before them. Luckily, the weapons were there and we were safe for 30 minutes.

We managed to avoid any casualties and began waiting for other humans when we received information that 2 of our friends were trapped outside SLC. One of them had a box. Once we reached our weapons, we could leave the safe zone, but could only use one sock. Only about 5 of us were willing to run out and save our friends, but once we did, we found them to already be dead.

The third and final box was trapped in a parking lot. The timer on the safe zone was quickly running out, so we gathered about 80% of the surviving humans and traveled out to retrieve the box. Not to our surprise, the zombie horde was hiding in the lot protecting the box. We were at an impasse, neither group moving. Finally, we had about 5 minutes left before the safe zone ran out. We knew we had to move now or we would all be dead.

Inch by inch we made our way towards the box, stunning zombies with our socks as they charged us from every direction. We reached the box and our fellow human, Trevor grabbed the box and sprinted for the safe zone while the rest of us trailed behind.

He made it just in time, with less than a minute left. We cheered over our success and retrieval of our guns. But our mission was not yet finished. We had to travel to Dodd hall to retrieve a droid’s parts and put him back together while avoiding enemy troopers. If they shot us, we were stuck in place for 1 minute. Luckily their aim was terrible, eerily similar to troopers from a series I remember…

Anyway, we brought the droid to an NPC who was fighting off an enemy NPC. We had to defend our friends from the zombie horde for 5 minutes. Things were going smoothly until about the final minute when one zombie managed to break through our hold and kill him. Our fallen comrades’ last words pleaded for us to leave him and safe ourselves.

So we ran. We ran until we reached the boundaries of the land, barely escaping with our lives.

We live to fight another day, but I can sense the distrust my “friends” have for me now.

It appears I may be fighting the lone fight from now on.


William ‘Red Beard’ Chipain


Throughout the week, our superiors had been stressing the importance of last night’s mission, and how dangerous it would be…and lemme tell ya, they weren’t kidding. When we all met at the mission check point, we were told that minimal arms were needed, and that if we stuck to the plan, we would accomplish the objective without any trouble. The mission consisted of a standard “Point A” to “Point B” Intel protection/delivery, and once we were at checkpoint, we would get more information from our superiors to move on to the next objective. It was a slaughter. On the way there we lost 5 people, one of which was a close squad member, her name was Melissa…I’ve never felt so bad about someone’s death.

Once we had reached point b, we were still missing a handful of humans, so me and a fellow squad member scouted outside the area to see if we they were close. As we were out, we spotted a group of 5 or 6 zombies around a building, we realized then that was little hope for the other survivors.  About an hour later, we received information about one of our commanders that was stranded, so through a series of harsh events, we ended up finding our commander. This problem with this was that it was all for naught. Right when we showed up, a horde of zombies were at our feet; because of this distraction, our commander was slain in front of our eyes, leaving us to scatter and meet up at base. On my way there, I had found my fallen comrade, Melissa, and she was still alive…but barely. We managed to patch her up, and now she lives to fight another day. Hopefully tomorrow’s mission goes infinitely better than last nights.



Kimberliee Denise


Today I continued resting up from the events of last night. Right before setting out on our adventure of the night, I was finally well enough to stand and shoot. Well, I would have been, if I had a weapon. All of our weaponry was confiscated and we had to earn it back. Guns, ammo, even our small grenades. Thankfully, some of us were in disguise and most of us were quick enough to sneak our way to our weapons.

We split off into very small groups for stealth and began sneaking our way through enemy territory to get our weapons. The Captain ran with another group, but I was paired up with a lovely person named Calvin. We snuck around and hid in so many bushes that I lost count. At one point, we could see the rest of the survivors surrounded by zombies, weaponless. Two more zombies passed right by our hiding spot and were within arms’ length of us. A shiver went through me – I had already avoided undeath once this week and did not intend to succumb so soon after. We ran away, trusting the other survivor group to fend for themselves. Another zombie stumbled past us, but thankfully we were hidden again. Shortly thereafter, we saw yet another zombie shambling in the distance. We waited a very long time for that zombie to pass, but ultimately we went unseen.

Finally, we were able to make our way to where we were told the weapons were. Unfortunately, we were the last to arrive and the other survivors left us for dead and took our guns. One stayed behind and told us where the rest had gone before running off. We were able to catch up and talk our way into getting our guns back. Calvin had hidden a few grenades before leaving the camp, so we were in the clear.

As we arrived, our leader was caught in a swordfight with the “Empire leader”. (I really don’t know why we keep letting that one guy assign the codenames). Our leader tragically died in this fight. There was no time to mourn, however, as the entire survivor group was surrounded by zombies.

Calvin and I had forged a friendship in our trial by lack of fire and we both ran as fast as we could to get away from the zombies. The Captain escaped on his own and survived as well. Several of the survivors died in the escape, I fear that we may encounter them in later battles.

We regrouped afterward and were able to find food and drink and a safe location for the night. The Captain traded stories with Calvin and I, which I’m sure he’ll have recounted in his log. Calvin and I traded stories back, because even though we didn’t see much fighting we definitely saw a lot of action. The entire group of survivors, now greatly reduced from the nights’ trials, was finally able to settle down and once again be aware of their surroundings. Several members expressed surprise that Calvin and I had survived. Truth be told, I’m surprised too.

I hope that the end of our trials is near. We are quickly running out of supplies, out of ammo, and out of hope. May God have mercy on us, if He is still out there.


John McLeod

This whole mission was a crap shoot. Bad enough the supply drop missed us (It was by miles), we learned we had a traitor in our midst. They couldn’t even tell us where exactly they fumbled our guns. There were two possible sites they could have landed at, and Major Usher sent Private MacGuffin and I ahead to scout out the further location (I recently learned his actual name is Blake, I refer Private MacGuffin though). We ran at a full sprint through the twisted a burned landscape to the HTL building. We didn’t run into any trouble on the way there, but we found the place completely empty, the guns weren’t there.
Major Usher and Comrade Tyler soon caught up with us and filled us in on the situation at the other location. The zombies apparently had it completely surrounded, but some of our numbers had reached the supplies and dug in, they just needed the package Comrade Tyler was carrying. We would need to approach the site by stealth. We picked our way between buildings until SLC was just around the corner… and to our horror around that corner walked the zombie we simply knew as Ben. The same zombie that had killed O’Mally, the same zombie that had broken our lines single handedly the previous mission. Upon seeing us, the shambling horror let out a piercing, guttural screech, alerting the rest of the horde. The four of us ran for our lives. We thought we lost them through the buildings, and stopped to catch our breath and formulate a plan, but our respite was short lived when the shambling thing that used to be O’Mally charged around the corner at us. Defenseless without our weapons, all we could do is run.
We split off, and O’Mally went after Major Usher. He followed her around a corner and all I heard were her screams. The rest of us ran, knowing there was nothing we could do for the fearless Major. Her death bought us the time to escape, or so we thought. We circled around to the back entrance of SLC, and came face to face with what used to be Colonel Fish (I knew he was dead). The former colonel was wearing a short black dress, it was quite tasteful. Needless to say, we ran. Comrade Tyler threw the box back at me as he was cut off and slain by the zombified O’Mally, it’s hands and mouth still dripping with blood from his previous victim. I turned on the Colonel, and bashed at his head with the box. He took and my leg and we both went down. I was down but not out. I dragged my disabled legs through the shattered glass and broken landscape of what used to be civilization for what felt like days, but I finally dragged myself to the safe zone, and the remaining survivors patched me up and got me back on my feet. It was then that I learned the supply drop needed a key to be opened so we could access our gear, and it just so happened to be in the box I left behind.
With the zombies breaking down the walls of the safe zone, we had no choice, we had to go out and retrieve the box. What came next happened so fast I can hardly remember all of it. We lost a few men and women, but we managed to retrieve the box. We regrouped on the safe zone and armed ourselves. It was time for some pay back. We learned that the objective of our mission was to rescue a VIP from the zombies at the Dodd building. We tore through the horde like they were paper, and retrieved the VIP. All that was left was to rendezvous with Marco and get the hell out of here. We charged over to Landis, fighting off zombies on all sides as we went, only to find Marco engaged in an honor duel with an evil zombie lord. It was not our place to interfere, but the zombies didn’t feel the same way. We set a perimeter around the duel and fended the zombies off as long as we could, but one zombie managed to break through and attack Marco, leaving him open for the zombie lord’s killing stroke. With his dying breath, he told us to flee. We did as he bid us. They defeated us again, but the fight isn’t over, and we are not about to give up.


Photo Credits: TRE CREWS


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