Humans Versus Zombies: Day 2 Report





Alexus Kimmey


Four nodes. That was our mission. We had to turn them all on by performing tasks at each of the different locations while simultaneously defending them against the brain-eaters. It started out simple. We separated ourselves into 4 groups. Once all of the nodes were on, we would be able to destroy the zombie encampment and begin the second mission. Everything was going smoothly, until the horde showed up. We defended our node against them until they retreated. However, they returned with a bomb that destroyed our defense shields and forced us to evacuate the node, allowing them to turn it off.


We quickly began to receive distress calls from the other groups. Our fellow survivors were dying left and right and being ambushed, abandoning their nodes. Nearly 2 hours went by as those of us still alive attempted to recapture the nodes. Eventually, we turned on all four nodes and destroyed the camp. Our next task was to defend our supplies against the zombies. But there was a catch. The zombies had a special one in their group, who could kill us, but we didnt know how to stop it. Only our spy did. We attempted to find the spy to make contact, but alas, we failed.


We gave up our search and stuck to defense. We just had to hold the four walls. The moment we started, they captured one wall and forced us to retreat. The remaining humans fall back to the other half of the base. Myself and 2 other comrades agreed to sprint outside the base, past all of the zombies to retrieve parts to repair the walls. We were successful on one run, however, once we made it back, the zombies had broken through with the special one on our heels.


We had no choice but to make a run for it.


All of us ran off, splitting off into various groups. I lost track of how long I was running with one of my comrades, Cody. Once we had successfully escaped, Cody and I waited for hopefully more survivors. At the rendezvous point, we surveyed our casualties. It didn’t look good. Amongst our troops, there was talk of a traitor, a spy who was helping the zombies. They were specified as the “OZ.”


No one can be trusted.


Will ‘Red Beard’ Chipain


When we were given our objective, it seemed like everything was alright and that it was a cake walk…I’ve never been so wrong. The mission was to go to the four locations given to us and activate the nodes. Once the Nodes were active, we were supposed to get to the zombie encampment and blow it up. While trying to accomplish this, we ran into some trouble, but nonetheless we succeeded. That was the easy part unfortunately. Afterwards, we were told to go to our base and protect our supplies. The problem with this was that the other human group had activated the zone too quickly, and by the time we had reached the base, the Zombies had swarmed us, and the mission was failed. We lost too many people that night, and I aim to make sure that doesn’t happen again.


Kimberlee Steinman


Tonight we were tasked with deactivating a device that was helping the zombies. Somebody compared it to “blowing up the Death Star” because of the precision shooting required to deactivate it and the name stuck. Four nodes had to be activated in order for us to destroy that which prevents our survival. My small squadron, which included the Captain and a few other well-armed fighters. (Despite my best efforts, my previous life as an engineer does not translate well to fighting a war).


There was some downtime after we activated one of the nodes. We were trading stories about our lives before everything went to hell in a handbasket and even some stories about our previous survival when we saw a lone zombie peeking around a corner. Soon, some of his “friends” arrived and we were very quickly outnumbered. We lost our archer to a feeding frenzy on the part of a pair of zombies and I myself was bitten. For some reason, I appear not to be turning into one of the brainless. As a matter of fact, I feel fine, other than an overwhelming sickness that took me down shortly thereafter.


The rest of my squadron escaped and I ambled my way to the Death Star device, dizzy and unable to see. I found another robot, although this one was smaller than the one from last night and didn’t speak much. The robot sat with me for quite a while until I was able to stand again. By that time, all four nodes had been activated and the rest of the survivors arrived to deactivate the device. I was able to follow, albeit very slowly, to an objective we had to protect. I was still quite out of it, so I don’t know the purpose of the objective we were protecting, but we failed miserably. The undead clambered through the walls, tearing them down and destroying them and the objective. The survivors ran, and I am waiting to hear from most of them. Thankfully, the Captain found me and I am resting while I write this.


One of the zombies was much stronger than the rest – it took several shots and a grenade to take him down. It did not occur to me at the time, but that was very concerning. Are the undead evolving? How are we going to keep up with them if they continue being resistant to our weapons? Will I be able to make it through this war or will I succumb the next time I am attacked?


John McLeod


We got a mission from the higher ups. They wanted us to blow up some kind of death polygon thing the zombies had set up, and of course, doing so was arbitrarily complicated. We had to hold down four different positions in order to make the death triangle vulnerable, whereupon a well placed bullet would finish the job. Corporal Labbe stayed home at base, so I took Lieutenant Kim, Sergeant Talbot, Private MacGuffin, and my liege King Gilgannon to take and hold the position. There we found a robot that told us to play something called “Never have I ever” to activate the node. I heroically responded I’m not giving my name to a machine, and with the robot nerd subdued, we held our position. However, our actions attracted the attention of the undead scum, and after a zombie bum rush, the Lieutenant had fallen, as had my liege. Now severely outnumbered, Sergeant Talbot, Private MacGuffin, and myself, hereon to be referred to as team strike team, decided to boldly make a tactical advance towards another node, seeing as we had been overwhelmed, surely the other squads were in jeopardy, and would need our assistance (You see that? That’s an old adventuring trick called “Framing the Narrative”).


We met up with Colonel Fish’s squad and after a desperate fight, we retreated from the node and regrouped before hatching a daring plan. There was a robot that could permanently activate two of the nodes. With the combined might of our two squads, we easily took back and permanently activated the first node. It was then that we sent several brave men and women ahead to reinforce the next node, which had been besieged by the full force of the horde, while we escorted the robot to permanently activate it. However, the robot ran into some errors before we could reenlist its services, and at that point team strike team, bolstered by Private O’Mally, set out to retake the second node. After singing a jaunty tune that the robot there had demanded of us, the node was activated and we dug in. Tragically, Private O’Mally’s life was cut short as a zombie dashed out from hiding and was upon him before any of us could react. We avenged his death, but it was already too late. We gave a moment of silence for our fallen brother, and we braced for another assault. More of the undead scum showed up momentarily, and we braced for a fight, until from up the road roaring a battle cry came reinforcements! They boldly scared off the undead, and we split up once more, one group went to take the remaining node, while the rest of us held our ground. Team strike team was given the task of heroically rushing to the death shillelagh to finish it off once both nodes were up. We got the signal before too long and we were off. We reached our goal unimpeded and Private MacGuffin took the shot, ending the threat of the Death Pepsi Bottle (Yeah, it was a pepsi bottle). Our mission complete, we were to regroup and await further orders. But a terror awaited us en route. A special zombie, nearly impervious to harm skipped among our squad and slaughtered us left and right. We dumped round after round at him, until he was upon me, and as I unloaded the underslung cannon of my Abomination, he finally fell. After the terror of the skipping, nearly impervious zombie, the survivors regrouped and set to defend our position. The horde tore down one of our protective walls, but we held the opening as long as we could. However, to our horror, the skipping super zombie had risen again and at his heels was the largest horde we had seen yet. We were forced to abandon our positions and flee for our lives. Colonel Fish held his ground while the rest of us escaped, brave man. In the frantic aftermath I heard he managed to make it out, but I hardly believe it.


The zombies beat us this time. I don’t know what we were out there for, maybe it was worth all those lives that were spent to get it, maybe it wasn’t, but those deaths were in vain. We lost a lot of good people out there, but we can’t give in just yet. We got to have hope. We got to believe that there’s something better out there. Cause I’ll be damned if monsters like this are allowed to roam free. And I know we can win this fight, because we have something that they can never have. We fight for our goddam friends!





Photo Credits: TRE CREWS

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