Student Government Elections

Today is election day for FSU’s Student Government positions. Running are candidates from the incumbent Ignite Party and the newly formed Vitality Party. In case anybody is still confused or unsure of who to vote for, we’ve provided some information here about the two parties.

Ignite is running on the idea of offering the campus the best quality leadership. They run on tradition and an ambitious Student Government Association that wishes to promote collaboration in the University community in order to give students as many opportunities they can.

Vitality is running on the idea of giving voice to the students. They are stressing listening to the needs and wants of the student body at the forefront of their campaign. They hope to give strength to students’ voices and increase student involvement in government and the University as a whole.

Here is the platform of the Ignite Party:

And here is the platform of the Vitality Party:

The Executive Candidates are as follows:


President – Andrew Wilson

Vice President – Laurence Thompson

Treasurer – Jennifer Lucas


President – Jean Tabares

Vice President – Iyanna Pierre-Louis

Treasurer – Emily McGuinness

If you need more, the websites for the parties are here:

Ignite –

Vitality –
Voting can be done at

Polls close at 7 P.M. tonight. So go online and vote!


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