The Latest on the Islamic State

In another abhorrent show of inhumanity, the Islamic State has released a video of a hostage Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage. ISIS has been working to gain legitimacy as a governmental body in the war-torn areas of Iraq and Syria; the rest of the world has taken notice as well. One of their tactics has been to execute a number of hostages in order to provoke reactions from a coalition of states, which include the U.S. and France, and now unilateral action by an angered Jordanian state.

It has been reported that ISIS killed the pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh a month ago, despite the video just having been released to the public. Under the impression that a hostage swap might have been possible, Jordan offered to turn over a female prisoner of war who belonged to Al-Qaeda, Sajida al-Rishawi, for the return of Kaseabeh. The Jordanian citizen had been under the hold of ISIS since his jet crashed in Syria this past December.

In a fairly immediate response to the publishing of the video the Jordanian government has executed two prisoners, including Rishawi. In addition, King Abdullah of Jordan cut his trip to the U.S. short to deal with the matter, which included meeting personally with Kaseabeh’s family. King Abdullah has since committed to a new wave of aggressive air strikes against ISIS in order to appease Jordanians and the rest of the world alike.

Map showing the territory held by the Islamic State

The Islamic State has been progressively weakening its holds in Syria and Iraq in the wake of the united effort by a coalition of states to eradicate the organization. As a terrorist organization seeking recognition around the globe as a rightful government, ISIS has resorted to fear tactics to forge a group of constituents. In an effort to appear credible, ISIS has followed through on its promises to execute innocent hostage civilians numerous times. These actions have been met by a bolstering of anti-terrorist measures by the coalition of states that have made it their mission to rid the world of ISIS.

Thus, although ISIS has made a show of their will and ability to harm others, ultimately its strategies only make its demise inevitable. The Islamic State’s unsustainable structure has made it vulnerable to the more powerful militaries of others. Unfortunately, until ISIS can be completely dismantled, such tragedies as these most recent events will continue for as long as ISIS struggles to prove its power.

By HOLLY CRAMER / Contributing Writer


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