CrossFit Comes to FSU

Monica Shevock, a student at Florida State University, just this semester started the school’s first CrossFit club with her good friend Rachel Drummey. Currently a sophomore from Boca Raton, FL, Shevock has been doing CrossFit on and off for 3 years. When she arrived in Tallahassee, she started to attend CrossFit BlackBox and was surprised that FSU didn’t have a  team, despite the sport’s rise in popularity.

Shevock and Drummey decided to work on CrossFit becoming recognized as a student organization. Shevock stated that it took all of last semester and even part of summer to get this organization in the works. With the help of supervisor Kellie Gerbers and CrossFit BlackBox, they were able to sort out all the issues and bring this club to life.


Crossfit has been around in Tallahassee since 2009, but is only recently catching on with students

CrossFit is constantly growing in Tallahassee and it is becoming a very popular way to work out. “I enjoy it because it gives me something to be competitive about,” says Shevock. “It also pushes me more than I can push myself.”

She also says that the workouts she gets from CrossFit don’t even compare to going to the Leach Gym on campus or any other gym. CrossFit is not only physical preparation, but also a lot of mental preparation with how much the body can physically endure. It is beneficial to just about everyone and is great for physical conditioning. There are many locations throughout Tallahassee that provide training, such as CrossFit BlackBox, CrossFit Tallahassee, Red Hills CrossFit, and more.

With the CrossFit Club up and running, Shevock and Drummey hope to get recognition as a sports club and eventually get the funding to build and compete against other schools in competitions.

“Our initial turnout was great! But we also want to keep the club open for everyone and eventually make a separate competition for more serious members,” said Shevock. “Basically, we want to make it affordable for college students to have the opportunity to learn CrossFit. We would love to see more people at [future meetings].”

The club will be doing tests in February because they don’t want to throw new people in immediately for safety issues. Without proper instruction, people can get hurt easily.

The cost is $100 a semester and they practice twice a week at CrossFit BlackBox: Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. The cost is great for students of any budget, as membership fees to CrossFit gyms can range anywhere from $100 to $150 per month.

For more information check out the CrossFit Facebook page (crossfit club at fsu) or follow them on Instagram (@fsucrossfit).

By MACKENZIE MURRAY / Contributing Writer

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