Gunman Killed, 3 Injured in Shooting at Strozier Library

At around 12:30AM, multiple shots were heard at FSU’s Strozier Library.

Police sweep Strozier library.

Police sweep Strozier library.


A “dangerous situation” was reported by the FSU Police Department to students at 12:38AM


Cassidy Nicholas, a sophomore who was in the first floor at Strozier near Starbucks as the shooting occurred, described the chaotic scene to The Last Word.


She initially heard 2 gunshots, describing them as “sounding like fireworks.”


“People began to frantically run, I got my stuff and my computer and held the door open for 20 people since I thought it was a fire drill,” she said.

Students with their hands up.

Students with their hands up.


According to the sophomore, students began to get in their cars and quickly sped away. She then heard what she thought was 7 more shots.


She then hid in a thick bush for 20 minutes. Nicholas described the police response as swift and immediate.


According to WCTV news reports, there are three people being treated at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital for gunshot wounds related to the shooting.


According to Mary Coburn, the Vice President of Student Affairs, the gunman was killed by FSUPD.

In a news briefing, FSUPD later confirmed that the shooter was killed after opening fire at a campus police officer. The shooter has not been identified at this time.

The investigation is now being taken over by the Tallahassee Police Department.

Classes will NOT be held Thursday according to an email sent out at 5:30 am:

In order to provide services for our students and employees, the university will remain open today but all classes scheduled for Thursday, November 20, 2014 are cancelled, including exams scheduled to be held at the Testing Center on Thursday.

University employees are to report today as scheduled.

Strozier Library will be closed until further notice. Students will be permitted to retrieve their belongings from the library with the assistance of law enforcement.

Counseling services are available to students and employees through the university Counseling Center and the Victim Advocate program.

by JOSEPH ZEBALLOS / staff writer

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