Last Stand Radio: Episode VII

The humans had retreated, shouting words such as “monster” and “weapon.” I was neither truly, but I did enjoy the descriptions. Monster. What a grand term, so much fear attached to it. You do not inherently fear weapons. But you fear monsters. Especially when that monster is a weapon.

My core pulsed yellow. I would have to wait and recharge it, and find something to recharge it with. I looked up at the streams still flying through the air, none heading toward the radio tower. I could not capture them without it. I could not get what I needed without this station being up and running.

I scanned the grounds around me. The humans had found some way to shut the power off, so there must be a way to turn it back on. I logically determined that they would not have destroyed it, merely shut it down for the sake of lowering the tower’s defenses. Then again, the history of your race is riddled with destruction. It would not surprise me if they had.

Why had they attacked? With such force too. They expected to be met with resistance, they expected a fight, but the station was empty. Had I been absent, they would have taken it. They were unaware of this, which concerned me. What had become of the residents of the Last Stand Radio Station?

I could find no external power source. It shocked me, as this station must require large amount of energy to operate. I traveled around to the back of the dwelling, where I thought the first humans had come from after shutting off the power. There sat a large box with wires running up to the roof. It was titled “Google Solar.” I backed up and looked up to the roof, noticing it was covered in black tiles. I presumed since your planet had no internal energy, you humans had learned to harness that of the sun. How innovative of you.

The box had wires running up to the roof, originally encased in metal though now cut open. This is where the humans had come to shut the station down. Fortunately, they only cut the wires. It was fixable.

As soon as I grabbed the wires, I felt a pulse run through me. It pulled me. Energy ran out of me and I saw the streams appear once more, stronger than ever. I managed to get the wires reattached, and the system let go of me. My core pulsed red. My systems were automatically shifting to conservation mode and actively searching for outside sources of energy. I moved slowly back inside, thinking about how foolish it was to have your source of energy on the outside. I could take energy from the box, but I risked the possibility of it taking energy from me instead, and even overwhelming the station. An alternate source of energy, my systems pointed out to me, laid down below the dwelling, below Karen’s space. I wasn’t sure of what laid down there, but I needed to find out before more hostile humans came.

by ROBERT COCANOUGHER / literature columnist

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