Last Stand Radio: Episode V

You humans seem to have a liking for war. Your species has a violent history. Not the worst I’ve seen, but impressive, nonetheless. As you yearn for love, you tend to desire hate.


What fascinates me most are the things you call your “World Wars.” Years after these wars ended, you seemed to remain obsessed. They fascinate me because your entire sphere was at one a battleground divided between two defined sides. The second of your world wars was the closest you had to what we Valorians would call (and I think this is the correct translation) a “Pure War.” After these, and numerous times before these, your wars became muddied (is that the word? Your Shakespeare taught me much, though not all in certainty). They became morally wrong to some and morally straightforward to others, they were seen both as economically beneficial and destructive. My favorite stance was the one taken by so many that a war was “not our business.” As if a species that covers their planet in their communication could pretend like anything was not their business. From what I understand of your human economics, you made a business out of being each-others business.


Then again, had it not been your business, perhaps you would not be where you are now.


I read up on what was called “World War III.” Karen calls it simply “The Great Destruction” in some brief history that she wrote on her Facebook. Not even giving it the name of war. This makes sense to me. You see, Valorians are not necessarily a peaceful species. But for us, war is a logical thing. If one group has something you need, you fight them for it. You go to war over it. Simple. If you were not to get it, you would have died anyway so why not go to war for space and resources? But you humans seem to fight over nothing, especially in this final war of yours. You began fighting for needs. Water is what Karen stated was the start of the war. I don’t understand what water is, but apparently it is highly needed and highly valued by you humans. Karen states that it used to cover of 70% of your sphere.


What did you do?


Starting out of a fight for water, the war started there but grew far from it. You began to not fight for this resource, but rather for your various philosophies. Many ideals came up, many sides were taken, and many more set. So many sides were taken that it was hard for me to follow who was fighting for what and against who. You humans took this fight over a basic need and turned it into a fight over ideas. Everyone – it seemed – had a different one, and a different side was there for each idea. You used your machines to tear one another down. I’ll have to look more into those technologies, if my fellow Valorians haven’t already.  The war was fought hardly by humans, but it was certainly fought against humans. Romeo and Juliet must have been killed once more, as you abandoned centuries of love for a moment of hate.


What happened?

by ROBERT COCANOUGHER / literature columnist

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