Last Stand Radio: Episode IV

The Valorian left without looking back to me. As soon as he was on, my people’s ship picked up, and was soon off to return to our sphere. I watched it go, struggling through the web of information above us. It did not hinder them as much as it did earlier, they made it through with minor instability. And in a spark of light, they were gone. They would be back for me. In time. For now, I had work to do.

I went back to the screens to learn more about this Romeo and Juliet of yours. If Karen had such interest in them, they must have significant value. I input it into your devices, and I was in awe. Millions of results of text, thousands of movies, hundreds of songs all related to these people, spanning back for hundreds of years, many generations of your time. This must be important to you humans.

A “Play” it was called. From what I understood, you humans would take on and control the bodies (or perhaps what you call souls? Another foreign human concept) of the original Romeo and Juliet to reenact the story that they actually lived. How strange, your desire to live these lives not your own. To be someone else, and not your individual self. Was it in a sense of duty? That I could understand. This is a strange art indeed.

I read the text first, as that seemed appropriate. The language was far too advanced for me. It appears that some of you humans had trouble reading it, and I could see why. I decided to listen to the music, Karen had noted one piece performed by a group of humans named Tchaikovsky. It was fascinating, engulfing. There was music like this on my sphere, but it was much more flat (I think that’s the word). This had a sort of… Life to it.

I saw a great deal of the recorded performances. With each one, I began to understand more and more. Communication has always been important to you humans, but it has not always been flung up in the air. It was once much slower, and had to take physical rather than electrical form. I can see why it was so important to make it more immediate.

More importantly, you humans have such a connection with one another. You are willing to fight one another, kill one another, and ultimately, kill yourselves just in the name of the one you “love.” Yet another strange concept, perhaps the strangest. I feel as though I need a human to explain it to me, but I’m not sure if you could. Romeo may be able to, but he is dead. Many times he is dead. But you humans and your love, you become so illogically and unreasonably attached to one another. Perhaps that is love, the defiance of your logical selves. Anything rash can be justified with love. Yet it is so highly praised, it has to be more than a force of defiance. Is it your god? You certainly seem to worship it. It may be unfair, I am basing you off of a sample merely of two humans, but they are two humans that all of you appear to highly regard. Perhaps as experts on this undecipherable concept.

Here is my conclusion: Love is what unites you humans, and ultimately, it is what destroys you. I have to wonder, is this what happened to your sphere?

by ROBERT COCANOUGHER  / literature columnist


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