Ghost Bustin’ Gals

Ghostbusters 3 now has a confirmed writer and director. Katie Dippold of The Heat will write the script and Paul Feig of The Heat and Bridesmaids will direct it. I never saw The Heat and I turned off Bridesmaids after watching Melissa McCarthy crap in a sink, but these two still seem to have the comedy chops necessary to tackle a film with this much expected of it.

Feig has said the film will not be a sequel, picking up where Ghostbusters 2 left off, but will be a new story. The film will not only be a reboot, but will have new characters. Feig has said he plans to cast an all female team for the film. Both Dippold and Feig have experience with a lot of comedic women, so there are plenty of possible actresses to fill the classic brown jumpsuits.ghostbusters-3-logo3

Bill Murray has chimed in on actresses he thinks might be up to the task, praising Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini and Emma Stone, but so far there have been no confirmed casting choices. Personally I wouldn’t mind a team including Rashida Jones, Jane Lynch, Kristen Schaal and Emily Blunt. I just imagine good chemistry there, but there are so many other possible comedienne combos that could work just as well. Feel free to tell us your top picks in the poll below.

Feig also says he plans to make the film as scary as it is funny, something that has worked for other works such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With special effects a lot more advanced than when the last two movies came out, this promises much more intimidating and impressive ghosts. If they can get the same energy of the librarian ghost from the opening of the first movie they’ll manage.

Overall the film has had plenty of time and drafts to finally bring bustin’ ghosts back to the big screen in the way it deserves, and has plenty of talent attached to it to give it all the potential it needs.

by PETER WILLIAMS / contributing writer


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