Poetry Thursdays Vol. 3

This week, our featured poet is our very own Views Editor, Sam Levine. Sam began a poetry Instagram a few months ago, and has gained a substantial following. His poems are romantic and insightful. Sam is able to convey specific feelings and crucial life lessons in few words. Here are some of our favorites.



The world, he thought,

was a fucking ashtray.

And him and her, they

were the emberrm the lit

cigarette, the curling

smoke that reminded the

scared ones that it was

still possible to fly.



And as he watched,

the sky caught fire

and the sun brushed

deep orange flames

across the breathing

ocean of his memories,

and in the middle of it all he held

up his hands and

laughed at the sheer

immense joy of life.



She was

a thousand


diamonds, all

waiting to be




Follow Sam on Instagram: @samuelsonthegreat



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