Presidential Search Update

Last week, the final four candidates vying for the slot of FSU’s 15th President held on-campus forums. Of the four, Senator John Thrasher came out as the top pick, selected by FSU’s Board of Trustees with the aid of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee. Members of the Board of Trustees agreed, as Thrasher had been saying all along, that it was his political and business ties as well as his fundraising abilities that got him the job as President. Most of them agreed that he was the best candidate to help FSU reach its goal of a $1 billion dollar budget and launch FSU into the Top 25 public universities in the nation.

Though the 11-2 vote by the Board of Trustees does not technically name him the next president, the terms of his contract still have to be decided on and finalized, and the Board of Governors still has to sign off on the decision. Without that signature of approval, Thrasher cannot fill the role of President. Though many agree it is unlikely that the Board of Governors will decide against him, since this part of the process has been seen mostly as a formality in the past. That decision will be made in November, and in the meantime Thrasher is still heading Rick Scott’s re-election campaign and running for re-election in the Senate. If selected as FSU’s next President, Thrasher states “My goal is to advance the faculty and the research, service and teaching mission of this university.”

by ROBERT COCANOUGHER / contributing writer


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