Presidential Search Update

The search for the FSU President moves forward and the Presidential Search Advisory committee is set to make their decision towards the end of this month. Four finalists have been selected and there will be on-campus forums September 15th-19th. Here is some information on each of the four finalists.


Richard Marchase: Currently the Vice President for Research and Economic Development at University of Alabama at Birmingham. He served a term as interim President for the University of Alabama. In that time he led the management of their three billion dollar budget and created the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Marchase plans on investing more into STEM programs and focus on developing innovation and entrepreneurship.

Michael V. Martin: Currently the Chancellor of the Colorado State University System, he has served in a wide variety of academic positions all across the country, including Florida. Martin has served as everything from professor to dean to President (New Mexico University, 2004-2008). He has a wealth of experience with academia behind him, though his specialty is in areas of Economics.

John Thrasher: He has been on the Florida Senate since 2009, and has been directly involved with Florida politics since 1992, serving as speaker of the House from 1998-2000. An alumni of FSU, Thrasher plans to use his public service experience to increase state funds as well as private funding. Along with that, he plans to increase diversity, grow research and business partnerships, and address issues of faculty compensation as well affordability for students.

Michele G. Wheatley: A Former Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at West Virginia University, she has had a career in academics since 1984. In her position at West Virginia University, she helped manage their two and a half billion dollar budget and saw an increase of revenue to the school. A strong advocate of STEM programs, she is an active scientist with plans to bring strong leadership and innovations to FSU’s academics.

by ROBERT COCANOUGHER / contributing 


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