Beyoncé and Feminism

Unless your name is something common like Alex, Ryan or Emma, don’t expect autocorrect to automatically capitalize your name. It’ll probably change your name into some weird word that is nowhere near your name. To be successful enough to have autocorrect recognize a name like Beyoncé—not only capitalizing the name, but also adding the accent mark—is a huge accomplishment. Beyoncé is a great entertainer and anyone can go on and on about how notable her music is and how successful she’s been throughout her career—but let’s focus on what she really means to society. Sure, she can sing songs beloved by huge crowds around the world and wow us all with her stage presence, but she’s much more than that—she’s a role model.beyonce-v1p2-02

“Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.” With her song “Flawless,” featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Beyoncé outright tells everyone she is a feminist. All that’s left is for her to tattoo it on her forehead. Feminists have long been given a bad and almost unattractive reputation throughout the years. To have Beyoncé, someone with an incredibly successful career and a family, come out as a feminist shows that other girls can be feminists without compromising their family lives. You can be a feminist and still be loved. Like the song says, being a feminist isn’t about hating men—it’s about fighting for equality for all sexes and genders. Why should anyone be ashamed of wanting that?

At the Grammy Awards

At the Grammy Awards

Beyoncé’s huge success should be put in the spotlight for two very important reasons: she’s a woman, and she’s a woman of color. In a world where we still encounter discrimination in the workplace, due to both sex and race, Beyoncé’s success is incredibly inspiring for women and women of color everywhere. Yes, it is very difficult to be successful, but it’s not impossible. Beyoncé is a great example of that. Beyoncé has risen to the top and has gotten to the point where she dropped an album completely unannounced and topped the charts with it. She has definitely earned her title as “Queen B.” She is almost like music business royalty.
She has recently been part of a campaign called “Ban Bossy” where she declares, “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.” This campaign focuses on empowering young girls to continue being leaders instead of allowing themselves to fall silent due to taunts like being called “bossy.” She shows her support of bringing up girls to be strong and powerful, much like how she portrays herself to the world.
Being a highly successful woman today isn’t easy, but it’s comforting to know that it isn’t impossible. Beyoncé is a good reminder of that. All the imperfections in society can drag you back, but don’t let those things stop you from fighting for what you want. If Queen B can make it, anyone can.

by MARIELLE GOMEZ / contributing writer



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