Pro-Life Senator Dehumanizes Pregnancy

Hearing the name “Steve Martin” usually brings happy thoughts of childhood memories with him hamming it up as a football coach with twelve children, and more recent recollections of him as a hilarious architect, toking it up with Meryl Streep onscreen.

Sadly however, the brilliant Steve Martin has the misfortune of sharing his name with a misogynistic Virginia Senator who does not seem to grasp the role of women in childbirth. Upon receiving a card from the Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition that criticized Martin’s backing of pro-life policies and urged him to see the need for women to have access to safe abortions as well as the medical help to raise healthy children, Martin gave a dehumanizing response, calling pregnant women “hosts”, a term he later changed to “bearer of the child” when his response received negative feedback. The writers of the letter were deemed by him to be “sick people” for their desire that women should have access to this medical care. He also did not seem to comprehend the Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition’s desire that women should have access to medicine to keep the children they do give birth to healthy, calling this desire “bologna”.

In his response he is so caught up in the topic of abortion he does not see that many women who have abortions may also currently be raising a family, or hope to raise a family in the future. He simplifies these women to the single act of abortion. He refers to the unborn fetus as a “child” but to the woman who is carrying it inside her body merely as the “host”; he does not see these women as people.

I don’t actually know what the actor, Steve Martin’s, opinions are on abortion, but after reading the politician’s infuriatingly righteous thoughts I’m getting pretty tired of hearing what men have to say about it. Because the only reason he can afford to act so high and mighty about abortion is because it will never be his decision to make.

by MEGAN A. ZIMLICH / contributing writer


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