News Flash: Maryland Senate Votes to Ban Grain Alcohol

Last month, the Maryland State Senate voted on a bill to ban grain alcohol and moonshine within the state. The bill, which still needs to go through the Maryland House of Delegates, would make it illegal to sell and distribute sell of 190-proof or higher.moonshine

Many universities in the state of Maryland reportedly backed the bill. The Maryland Collective, a group of 11 universities, were integral in convincing lawmakers to push this legislation. The high-potency of grain alcohol from brands like Everclear, makes it very popular with college students. It is often used to create mix drinks called “hunch punch” and “jungle juice”. Lawmakers and university officials in support of the bill argue that grain alcohol represents a danger when used to make these sorts of concoctions. The unknown alcohol content of these drinks makes them especially harmful.

Lawmakers seem to believe that banning grain alcohol will send a message to students that binge drinking is destructive. Yet, university students agree that this will not have an effect on college student drinking habits.

“Banning high potency alcohol is not going to make college students drink less”, says Mark-Daniel Roettger, a Philosophy student at Florida State. “College students drink alcohol to get drunk. This will just limit their options to achieve this”.

by CHRISTOPHER DONATO / staff writer


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