Flappy Bird: In Memorium

The latest and greatest mobile gaming sensation Flappy Bird was pulled from the app store by its developer. Almost one month ago, indie developer Dong Nguyen took down his hit gaming sensation because it was “too addictive”. According to The Verge, Nguyen was making an estimated $50,000 a day in ad-generated revenue from the application.flappy

For those of you that have been living under a rock (or a suspiciously Mario-esque green pipe), Flappy Bird was released in May of last year and ultimately reached the coveted number 1 spot on the Free Apps chart of Apple’s US App Store this January. Here it joined the pantheon of bird-based games that have shared this honor (games like Angry Birds and Tiny Wings).

 Players tap the screen and guide a small bird through a series of pipes at variable heights. It sounds simple enough, but within the first five minutes of playing the game few players find their score exceeding 10 pipes.

Flappy Bird’s simple mechanics and word-of-mouth marketing propelled the game as a hit, but it was the game’s difficulty that kept the game at the top of the app charts. The first tweet about the game posted by someone other than Nguyen reportedly read “Fuck Flappy Bird”.

Fans of the game very passionately took to the internet and bombarded the game’s humble Vietnamese developer with messages. This culminated in the indie developer posting the following tweet: “I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it.” In response, the game was taken off of the App Store and Google Play.

People who have already downloaded the game have nothing to worry about obviously. Even though the game has been taken off the app stores, scores of clones already exist for fans who still want to have a Flappy Bird-esque experience. Additionally, phones pre-loaded with the original game are being sold on eBay.

 by CHRISTOPHER DONATO / staff writer

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