Disney Everywhere

Disney recently released the Disney Movies Anywhere app for Apple devices in conjunction with the online release of Frozen. It essentially modifies any Disney movies you own through iTunes.

The app works with iTunes by having users connect their iTunes and Disney Online accounts. The app can work with every Disney movie on iTunes, including those purchased or downloaded through DVD codes, which they say is currently more than 420 films.

There are several advantages over just downloading the movies directly off iTunes. The app supports online streaming, saving on memory space. The app also provides more features than iTunes, which only provides the movie itself. On the app you get access to deleted scenes and special features one would expect on a nicer DVD.

There are also special features that haven’t been named that are due to be released exclusively for streaming on the app later on. These features are scenes and footage never put out digitally or at all, and will stick around on the app rather than be released for a limited window then locked back away.

Currently the app only works on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV, but may be coming to other devices later. The app is free to download and use, apart from the cost of movies. As an added incentive Disney is throwing in The Incredibles when you sign up.

by PETER WILLIAMS / staff writer

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